As noted earlier, Tyson Tomko is currently in jail in Florida. The former WWE, TNA and NJPW performer was arrested this morning on a charge of robbery.

According to a report on TMZ, police say Tomko robbed a CVS Pharmacy last night and allegedly threatened to attack the pharmacist unless he was provided with several bottles of Oxycodone. Tomko left the store with 210 pills of the painkiller and fled to a local Chili’s restaurant.

At the restaurant, Tomko asked a waitress for a spoon, and then asked for a deeper spoon when presented with a teaspoon. He then went to the bathroom for 30 – 40 minutes, and police were contacted.

When police arrived, he was found hiding inside the bathroom injecting himself with the stolen pain medicine. One officer remarked that Tomko flushed something down the toilet and had needle marks and blood running down his arm.

He was arrested and told police that had a “severe drug problem,” and had injected himself with 178 pills. He denied threatening the pharmacist and was taken to a nearby hospital before being booked at a nearby jail with bond set at $7,500.

Source: TMZ