Sin Cara Vs. Sin Cara Feud Continues, Serena Retiring?

-- On Friday night's episode of WWE Friday Night SmackDown, the original Sin Cara defeated the black Sin Cara in a Mask vs. Mask match, unmasking the former Hunico. WWE hasn't made it clear yet where the Sin Cara storyline will go from here but there was talk of continuing the feud between the two for several months. It should also be noted that the feud continued at Saturday night's WWE Supershow in Texas. The two went at it with the original blue Sin Cara defeating the unmasked Sin Cara.

-- Former WWE Diva Serena suffered a nasty concussion at the recent SHIMMER TV tapings. She says her doctors have advised her to think about other lines of work and she is out of action indefinitely. She noted on Twitter that she has more tests coming up this week and wrote the following message: "A message to all my supporters- I recently sustained a rather serious concussion and following my doctors instructions, will not wrestle for a period of time. I apologize to those who were looking forward to seeing me anytime in the near future. I will keep you all posted"


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