TNA Bound For Glory: AJ Styles Vs. Christopher Daniels (I Quit Match)


JB is backstage with Kazarian. Kaz says he saw Bobby Roode earlier and he's so happy for his friend. He also says he's torn because his two best friends are in a match where they'll try and force each other to quit (Styles and Daniels). He says he hopes this will be the end of things between the two men, but with the way Daniels has been acting he can't be sure. This leads us right into a video package highlighting the history between these two men that has led up to tonight.

I Quit Match
- AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels

Styles poses for the crowd and when he turns around Daniels is waiting for him. Daniels doesn't surprise AJ though, as Styles takes him down to the mat and lays in with right hands. Daniels rakes Styles eyes and puts him down with a leg sweep. Daniels pounds on Styles, telling him to quit and shoving the mic in his face. Styles won't quit. Styles gets back to his feet and kicks Daniels in the back hard, then kicks him again. Styles tells Daniels to quit, but Daniels tells Styles to suck, but he's cut off as Styles hits him in the head then shoves the mic in Daniels' mouth. Styles works over Daniels, hitting an awesome pumphandle gutbuster. Styles works over Daniels' arm, but he still won't quit.

Daniels gets to his feet but Styles locks in an abdominal stretch. Daniels is able to counter with a hip toss. Daniels tries for a suplex, but Styles reverses, delaying the suplex and holding Daniels up for about ten seconds. Styles locks in a modified reverse chancery, but Daniels is able to break it. Daniels hits Styles with a nasty forearm, but Styles is able to come right back with an arm bar. Daniels bites Styles' fingers to break the hold. Daniels hits Styles with a series of chops and elbows to the back of the head. Styles is able to come right back with a dropkick that sends Daniels to the outside, then he follows with a big tope con hilo.

Styles lays in to Daniels with more forearms before slamming him head first into the apron. Daniels goes under the ring and Styles pulls him out. Daniels has a tool box in hand, and he grabs a wrench out of it. Daniels launches the wrench at AJ, but Styles moves and the wrench connects with the ring steps. Daniels hits Styles with some head butts before sending Styles back into the ring and following with a screwdriver. Daniels tries to gouge Styles with the screwdriver, but Styles is able to hold him off. Daniels charges Styles in the corner but Styles moves out of the way and out to the apron. Daniels comes out to the apron and he and Styles trade blows. Daniels brings AJ up and suplexes him down on the apron but AJ gets caught in the ropes for a really scary landing.

Daniels asks Styles to quit but he won't, so Daniels sends him back into the ring and hits a big back body drop. Daniels locks in a rear chin lock and continues to shove the mic in AJ's face. Styles still refuses to quit, but Daniels is determined. Daniels hits the BME on Styles while he's on his hands and knees. Daniels pats himself on the back while the crowd jeers him. Daniels goes right into a single leg crab, flipping off the Philly crowd. The ref holds the mic in Styles' face, but Styles still refuses to quit.

Styles struggles to the ropes and pulls himself up to force a break of the hold. Styles goes for a kick, but Daniels blocks it and puts AJ down across his knee with a big back breaker. Daniels goes to the outside where he grabs a chair. Daniels makes it back into the ring with the chair. Daniels sets the chair down across Styles' throat, then sits down in it. Daniels grabs the mic and says he's been dreaming about this moment for months. The moment that Styles passes out. He says everything Styles has been given will be his. He tells the people they know they love him more than Styles. Daniels says he never wanted Styles to say the word, he was more than happy to bash his head in, in the ring, but he promises AJ he'll tell his wife that his last words were 'I love you'. Daniels talks to the camera and asks Styles' wife to take his children out of the room because they shouldn't see their father murdered in cold blood.

Daniels goes for a chair shot but Styles moves. Styles comes back with a splash and a series of kicks. Styles hits his moonsault reverse DDT and follows it up with an enzugiri. Styles hits Daniels with a clothesline in the corner then goes out to the apron. Styles bring himself back into the ring with a flying springboard clothesline. Styles tries for the Styles clash but Daniels bklocks it and hits a urunage. Daniels tries for the BME again but Styles moves. Styles is able to connect with the Pele, and follows up with the Styles clash.

Styles picks up the chair and plays to the crowd for a bit, but then he tosses the chair aside. Styles goes to the corner and grabs the screwdriver that Daniels brought into the ring. Daniels grabs the mic, backs away, and quits to avoid Styles hurting him.

Winner: AJ Styles

Daniels flees from the ring with Styles trying to attack him with the screwdriver. Styles doesn't chase him up the ramp, but instead stays in the ring to have his hand raised.

While Styles celebrates at the top of the ramp, he's attacked from behind by Daniels who connects with the Angel's wings at the top of the ramp. Daniels says Styles never beat him, and asks who wins now?


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