- Yes, this match is happening. And yes, we are still in the year 2011. To prove it, we get a video package detailing the recent events between Hogan and Sting, in what has been a small part of the epic history between these two legends.

The Immortal Battles The Icon
- Hulk Hogan vs. Sting

After a TON of stalling by Taz and Tenay, during which it seems like even they didn't know what was going on, Hulk Hogan's music hits, and the Immortal one himself makes his way out to the ring.

Dixie Carter is shown in the crowd watching as Hogan limps his way into the ring. Sting's music hits, as Tenay and Taz complain about the fact that the referee is Bischoff's son. Sting makes his way down to the ring, wearing a Hulkamania t-shirt, and gets a big pop.

Both men look like they're going to be wrestling in tights and t-shirts. This is really a sad spectacle. The bell rings and both men begin circling. Hogan jabs at Sting but Sting avoids the punches. Hogan holds his hand up, then calls to the back. Ric Flair's music hit, and the Nature Boy makes his way down the ramp toward the ring.

Dixie Carter doesn't look too happy as Flair walks down to the ring, and shakes hands with Hogan on the way to Hogan's corner. Both men begin circling again. We get a lock up and Sting locks in a side head lock. Sting clamps down, bringing Hogan down to one knee, but Hogan is quick to get back up, and send Sting into the ropes. Hogan hits a shoulder block that sends Sting down to the mat. Hogan poses for the fans, even throwing in a crotch chop. Sting takes off his shirt and throws it at Flair. Hogan connects with several rights before stomping Sting and locking in a rear chin lock.

Sting breaks the hold, but goes back down to a big clothesline. Sting rolls to the outside while Hogan jaws with the ref. Sting heads back into the ring and eats a couple of right hands before raking Sting's back, then his eyes. Hogan hits another right hand before tossing Sting to the outside. Flair wraps his jacket around Sting's neck to choke him. Flair hits Sting with chops and punches before hitting a low blow. Hogan goes out after Sting and hits another low blow on the Icon. Hogan slams Sting into the guard rail head first before hitting him with chops and biting Sting's forehead.

Flair hands Hogan something, which Hogan uses to hit Sting in the forehead. Flair sends Sting into the guard rail, and Hogan follows, pounding Sting repeatedly with the foreign object. Hogan sends Sting back into the ring and hits Sting with another right hand before strutting around the ring. Flair hands Hogan something else, but Sting blocks the punch and hits Hogan with some right hands of his own. Sting goes to the outside and chases Flair around the ring before getting back into the ring. Sting continues hitting Hogan with rights and Hogan goes to his back for the second time in this match.

Sting goes to the outside to chase Flair again, and this time he catches him. Sting grabs the weapon from Flair and uses it on Hogan, hitting him in the forehead twice and busting him open. Sting rips at Hogan's forehead, taking him into the corner with kicks and punches. Sting hits the Stinger splash, punches Flair off the apron, then hits a Stinger splash to the back of Hogan. Hogan falls to the mat and Sting grabs his legs. Sting is able to turn Hogan into one of the worst scorpion death locks I've ever seen. Hogan taps, but the ref won't call for the bell. Hogan continues to tap, and the ref is forced to call the bout in favor of Sting.


Flair attacks Sting following the match, and Bischoff comes out with Scott Steiner, Bully Ray, and Gunner in tow, all carrying chairs. Immortal take the beat down to Sting, laying in with chairs and Abyss is shown looking on in the back. Bischoff goes to hit Sting but his son grabs the chair. Bully Ray grabs him and Bischoff instead hits his own son with the chair. Flair beats on Sting in the corner, and Hogan has barely moved since the actual match, keeping himself propped up in the corner.

Sting is asking for Hogan's help, but he's pulled away by the members of Immortal. Hogan begins hulking up. He takes out Flair, then Steiner, then Ray, then Gunner, all in succession. Hogan and Sting team up and take down everyone. Sting splashes Flair in the corner and Hogan tosses Gunner from the ring. Hogan and Sting have cleared the ring of everyone except Bischoff, who's cowering in the corner. Sting and Hogan lock eyes and stare each other down. Hogan points to Bischoff.

Hogan tells Sting he's got it, and he hits Bischoff with a big windmill punch to a lot of love from the crowd.

Hogan tosses Bischoff from the ring, and he and Sting stand tall in the center of the ring. Hogan says he's back. Sting mounts the turnbuckle and the crowd chants for Hogan. Hogan offers his hand to Sting, and the Icon takes it. Hogan and Sting raise each other's arms before leaving the ring and heading to the back.