The 2011 Bound For Glory pay-per-view pre-show kicks off with Jeremy Borash and Christy Hemme plugging tonight's card. We get more hype before going to the ring for tonight's TNA Tag Team Title match.


JB is backstage with Mr. Anderson. He comes out and says Bully Ray grew up in New York City back when it was hard. Anderson grew up in a small town outside of Green Bay, but there wasn't much to do outside of a couple of activities including fighting. And it was people like Bully Ray who forced Anderson to learn how to fight. Anderson finds that the best way to deal with a bully is to walk right up to them, look them in the eye, and punch them in the face. Anderson calls out the Philly crowd, saying they work hard and play hard. Anderson says he's the same kind of guy, he just so happens to be from Green Bay, Wisconsin, but there's nowhere he'd rather be than the City of Brotherly Love.

TNA Tag Team Title Match
Ink, Inc. vs. Mexican America

We go to the ring and out first comes the team of Shannon Moore and Jesse Neal Ink Inc. They've got their new sidekick with them, I think her name is Toxine? Out next come the TNA Tag Team Champions Anarquia and Hernandez, with Rosita and Sarita. Shannon and Anarquia start things off with some back and forth action. Hernandez and the ladies end up interfering and Anarquia takes control. Hernandez comes in and they double team Moore.

Hernandez keeps in control of Moore and tags in Anarquia for more double teaming. Moore tries to make a comeback but Anarquia dumps him over the top rope. Hernandez chokes Moore on the floor and holds him while Sarita and Rosita work him over. 2 count for Anarquia. Anarquia keeps Moore grounded on the mat as Neal rallies the crowd. Anarquia stops another comeback from Moore. Moore with an elbow and a moonsault from the top. Neal and Hernandez come in at the same time and go at it. Neal clotheslines Hernandez and backdrops Anarquia. Neal with a sledgehammer shot to Hernandez and a front slam to Anarquia. Neal spears Hernandez but he kicks out at 2.

Moore clotheslines Anarquia to the floor. Moore backdrops Neal over the top but Anarquia moves and Neal hits the floor. Moore with a baseball slide dropkick and a moonsault from the apron onto Anarquia and the floor. Hernandez runs the ropes now and leaps over the top, barely landing on Moore and Anarquia on the floor. Sarita and Rosita run the ropes now but Toxine comes in and spears Rosita. She goes at it wth Sarita and sends her out to the floor. Anarquia comes in but Toxine scratches him and pulls his pants down. Moore and Neal double dropkick Anarquia, sending him out to the floor. Hernandez rams Neal into Moore, sending Moore out to the floor. Hernandez gets the pin on Neal for the win.

Winners: Mexican America


JB is backstage with Karen and Jeff Jarrett, Karen is not pleased that Jarrett has to face Jeff Hardy. Jeff says he can't believe Hardy has the balls to show up here tonight. He says that he told Hardy on Thursday night not to step into this hell hole of a city. He says he brought Hardy into this company that he founded, and tonight he'll take him out. Jarrett is so flustered he doesn't even finish the interview.

Bound for Glory is next...