TNA Bound For Glory: Samoa Joe Vs. Crimson Vs. Matt Morgan

- We get a quick video of Dixie Carter arriving to the building earlier in the day.

Triple Threat Match
- Samoa Joe vs. Crimson vs. Matt Morgan

We get a video package detailing the reasons why the triple threat match between Samoa Joe, Crimson and Matt Morgan is necessary.

The bell rings and Joe incites the other two men to fight. This leads directly into Crimson and Morgan attacking Joe. Morgan hits the rapid fire elbows in the corner, and Crimson follows it up with a few punches to Joe's face. Miscommunication between Crimson and Morgan allows Joe to turn things around and lay into Crimson with a series of right hands. Joe tries to get Morgan to attack Crimson, but he turns right around into a right hand from Morgan. Morgan and Crimson continue to work over Joe, hitting a double hip toss. Joe is able to low bridge Crimson to send him to the outside before focusing on Morgan with a big chop block to the back of the knee.

Joe kicks away at Morgan, but Morgan comes right back with a big side slam. Crimson is back in to try and steal the pin, but Joe kicks out at two. Joe sends Morgan to the outside while he and Crimson argue, then Joe tosses Crimson to the outside on top of Morgan. Joe follows out with an elbow suicide to Crimson.

Joe and Crimson fight on the outside while Morgan goes up to the top turnbuckle. Morgan launches himself to the outside but Joe sidesteps him and Morgan connects with Crimson. Joe picks up Crimson and sends him back into the ring, trying for a pin and getting a two count. Joe kicks Crimson in the face before hitting him with chops and punches to the face. Crimson blocks a punch and fights back, taking Joe out with knees to the face and a big cravat. Crimson hits a big suplex and Morgan slides in to try and steal the pin.

Morgan and Crimson argue for a bit before they're both eye-raked by Joe. Crimson and Morgan hit a double clothesline and both men go for the pin before pulling each other off. The alliance breaks down as Crimson and Morgan begin trading rights in the middle of the ring. Morgan takes Crimson down with a shoulderblock, but he's pulled to the outside by Joe who slams him head first into the guard rail. Joe comes back in to the ring and takes it right to Crimson with rights and lefts, a splash in the corner, and a big kick to the back of Crimson's head. Joe seats Crimson on the top rope and tries for the muscle buster, but Morgan is in with a boot to Joe's gut. Morgan hits a running knee to Joe's face, and Crimson hits a spear. Crimson pins Joe, and he gets the three count.

Winner: Crimson


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