Tough Enough Returns, CM Punk, Sin Cara Unmasked (Video)

-- The entire past season of Tough Enough will be airing on G4 next Saturday, Oct. 29th, starting at 11 am ET.

-- The Sydney Morning Herald has an article about CM Punk discussing the wrestling tactics used in rugby league. After watching a video compilation of MMA/wrestling tactics that have been used in rugby league, Punk said, "If an NFL player tilts his head, points his helmet at an opponent and then hits him, he can get fined $40,000, while repeat offenders are fined $100,000... I think each rugby league tackle needs to be reviewed separately because there were a few [on the DVD] that looked like accidents while others looked like the guy was deliberately slapping on a rear naked choke [a strangulation technique]. You need to judiciously handle each case separately; in a lot of cases you can tell if someone did something maliciously or if it was an accident and go from there." You can check out the full article at this link.

-- The Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara feud seems to be over after Sin Cara (Black) was unmasked this past Friday on SmackDown. You can watch the unmasking below:

Mike K. contributed to this article.


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