Yes sir, we promised you a great main event...

WWE VP of Talent Relations and Interim RAW GM John Laurinaitis is introduced. A recap of last weeks events is shown. Laurinaitis introduces himself to the fans in Mexico City. He said that Rey Mysterio was returning tonight... to his doctor in San Diego. He then said that Mexican people had no sense of humor. Laurinaitis said he made a mistake firing Jim Ross last week and introduced him to the crowd. Ross' music hits.

JR heads to the ring and is met by a hug from Laurinaitis. Laurinaitis issues an apology for firing Ross last week and said that after Ross was fired, something happened. They played a clip of Michael Cole singing "Na Na Na Na, goodbye!" Laurinaitis said that he didn't know what Ross' issues were with Michael Cole, but they should be settled tonight on RAW. Tonight's main event will be Michael Cole and WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio vs. Jim Ross and John Cena. Michael Cole jumped on the table and egged Ross on. Randy Orton's music hit and we're headed to our first match.

Mark Henry, Cody Rhodes, and Christian vs. Randy Orton, Sheamus, and John Morrison

During the match, Rhodes headed to the back and Orton followed. Christian and Sheamus then brawled outside the ring to the stands, leaving Mark Henry and John Morrison in the ring. It didn't last long, as Henry planted Morrison with the WSS to get the pin for his team.

CM Punk vs. The Miz is scheduled for later tonight.

A promo for Brodus Clay aired.

Backstage, Laurinaitis is on the phone. He is approached by the Bellas, who ask him if they have forgotten how important to the show, to which he replied, "No." Laurinaitis went back to his call, and was approached by Ricardo Rodriguez, but brushed him off. Alberto Del Rio then came in and Laurinaitis got off the phone. Del Rio complained about the main event tonight. Laurinaitis said that the winner of tonight's match will pick the stips for Vengeance this Sunday.

Eve vs. Beth Phoenix for the Divas Championship is announced for this Sunday.

Eve (w/Kelly Kelly) vs. Natalya (w/Beth Phoenix)

Eve pinned Natalya clean.

The Miz vs. CM Punk

Miz and Truth took the mic and said that Punk was jealous because they were able to get Triple H removed as from power. They said that they would get Vengeance this Sunday. Triple H's music hit and he's headed to the ring in a suit. He removes his jacket and stands side-by-side with Punk as we head to commercial.

Back from break and the match is underway. Miz dominated most of the match. At one point Truth interfered and Triple H chased him towards the back. Laurinaitis stopped him before he hit the back and ordered the match to be stopped. He came out with a team of lawyers and said that HHH had an "immigration problem" and needed to leave. After arguing for a bit, Triple H obliged and headed to the back as Truth mocked him. HHH decked Truth and then went to the back as we went to commercial.

Back from break and the match is still underway. Triple H is shown backstage complaining to Laurinaitis about the immigration issues. In the ring, Punk lands the Macho Man flying elbow and calls for the GTS. Truth jumped on the apron, but was quickly knocked down. He went for the GTS, but Miz was able to get out and Miz kicked him into Truth, who was standing on the apron again. Punk then rolled up Miz for the three count.

Punk wasn't able to celebrate long as Truth and Miz put a beatdown on Punk after the match. A bunch of referees ran into the ring. Miz and Truth threw their hands in the air and left the ring. Truth then ran back into the ring and planted Miz with his finished, and Miz followed up by hitting a Skull Crushing Finale. The duo finally made their way to the back as we head to commercial.

Back from break, and a mariachi band is performing outside of the arena.

Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole hype the WWE Network, and reveal that WrestleMania Rewind won the poll for the name of the first show on the WWE Network.

Vickie Guerrero walked to the ring with Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler. Guerrero talked about how she was the Angelina Jolie of Mexico, but unlike Angelina, she was more than a pretty face. She then announced that Swagger and Ziggler would face Air Boom for the tag titles this Sunday at Vengeance. Ziggler took the mic and said that there must be a lot of people in the crowd that want to leave Mexico and head to the U.S., but they will never make it. But they will get the next best thing in seeing Swagger and Ziggler in action. Good promo by Ziggler. Swagger then took the mic and asked the fans to rise as he sings the American National Anthem. Who is he, Nikolai Volkoff? Swagger then began to sing one of the worst renditions of the anthem, and the crowd booed heavily, forcing him to stop short. Zack Ryder's music hit and we're set for our next match.

Zack Ryder vs. Jack Swagger

Ryder pinned Swagger in a very quick match. After the match, Swagger and Ziggler stalked Ryder. Before they could attack him, Mason Ryan ran out to make the save. Ziggler and Swagger started to make their way to the back when Ryan took the mic and said that he had a match with Ziggler next.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Mason Ryan

Ryan dominated the match until he followed Ziggler outside of the ring. Guerrero slapped Ryan in the face, and Ryan lost it. He went back in the ring and started teeing away on Ziggler until he go disqualified. After the match, Swagger tried to interfere, but was dumped over the top rope. Ryan then nailed Ziggler with a powerslam and then headed to the back.

Backstage JR is getting ready and is approached by John Cena. Ross is worried about screwing up, and Cena told him that he was the greatest voice in WWE history, and that he'll be alright tonight. He told Ross to just stay in the corner and he'll take care of Del Rio. Ross said he wanted a piece of Cole, and Cena obliged.

Back from break and Ricardo Rodriguez introduces Alberto Del Rio. After another commercial, Del Rio is in the ring and Rodriguez introduces Michael Cole. Jim Ross is out next, and he waits for Cena. Cena then comes out to a huge pop.

John Cena and Jim Ross vs. Alberto Del Rio and Michael Cole

Cole asks to start the match with JR. Cole kept taunting JR, which resulted in JR clocking him good. Cole quickly tagged in Del Rio while JR made the tag to Cena. Del Rio and Cena proceeded to work the rest of the match until the end. Cena nailed Cole with the AA and Ross followed up with an angle lock, forcing Cole to tap.

After the match, Del Rio tried to attack Cena, but Cena turned the tables and planted Del Rio with an AA on the floor. Cena then started counting to ten as Del Rio stood up. Del Rio got up at 8, and Cena nailed him with a clothesline and then hit him in the head with the steel steps. Cena started the count again, and this time Del Rio didn't get up by 10. Cena then chose to make the match with Del Rio at Vengeance a "Last Man Standing Match."

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