Big Show Talks About His Favorite Diva, Daniel Bryan, Toughest ChokeSlam, Dream Opponent & More

The Big Show did a live Q&A with this morning to promote tonight's RAW at the Colonial Life Arena in Columbia, SC. You can check out the full chat at this link, here are some excerpts (sic):

His big break: "My first big break was when Danny Bonaducci introduced me to Hulk Hogan in the fall of '94, and I knew wrestling was for me and I was always a fan as a kid, but when I first walked on stage in Detroit for the very first time and I heard the roar of the crowd...then I knew!"

If he'll be wrestling tonight: "I'll be taking on Mark Henry for the World Heavyweight Championship at Colonial Life Arena!" [As noted earlier, it will likely be a dark match]

If he could wrestle any opponent, past or present, who it would be: "I'd have love to tested myself against Andre the Giant in a straight up match with submissions or pinfalls, no gimicks just to see us going together would be great."

How much longer he has in the business: "I may be 40 in February but I don't feel 40! I'll be doing this as long as I feel I can compete and I feel great now."

Favorite Diva of all time: "Trish Stratus!"

If Daniel Bryan is good enough to be World Champion: "Absolutely, he's talented and committed and that's what it intensity."

His favorite impersonation: "Showster."

Toughest opponent to lift for the chokeslam" "Probably Big Daddy V....he's just such a big man."

What it feels like to walk out from behind that curtain at Wrestlemania: "It's exhilirating! Combo of walking out of an arena entrance as a gladiator in Roman times and the adrenaline that spikes through your system takes all the aches, pain, traveling out of your system....your pupils are dialated and your just so pumped up. Probably the single greatest moment of being alive!"

His favorite tag team partner: "Gotta be Kane! We were unstoppable together and I like him as a partner....Miz was annoying, Jericho was grumpy....Jericho used to always tell me to put my glasses on as I couldn't read anything"

Once again, you can check out the full chat by clicking here.



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