Chyna recently spoke with Raj Giri of about her new Vivid release Back Door To Chyna, her time in WWE, her TNA stint and much more. Here is part two of the interview, you can check out part one by clicking here. You legally changed your name to Chyna, right?

Chyna: Yes, in 2007. It took me seven years. That’s incredible. It’s not often that someone can get to use their old WWE name so congratulations for that.

Chyna: To me, my name was Chyna. What bothered me was Joanie Laurer. There was no mom Laurer, there was no dad Laurer. I was totally abandoned so what bothered me was my given name. There was sort of that confusion like, “Okay, Chyna’s a fake name.” That was already a confusing issue. To me, I’m Chyna. It was more of a business thing. Vince gave me a hard time. I didn’t get a lot of work. It was hard to do radio interviews because they would then call in and say, “You better not use Chyna because I own that.” I was like, “Okay.” So I went for it. It took me seven years. As soon as I got the name, I was like, “Okay, I’m hot on the pavement again. Let’s go,” because there were no legal issues or no bullying issue. I’m glad I didn’t quit. You were on Howard Stern the other day and you said that you had sent a letter recently to WWE. Was that fairly recent or was that a little while ago?

Chyna: Maybe like a month now. And they just said that they weren’t interested?

Chyna: They said they’re not interested. For so long I didn’t even think about writing a letter but all my fans were like, “I miss you Chyna. I love you. When are you going back? When are you going back?” for like 11 years, right? My friend, he’s a lawyer, and he said, “Chyna, you need to reach out to Vince McMahon.” I was like, “Nobody reached out to me,” and whatever. He was like, “Do you want to reach out to Vince McMahon?” I said, “Yeah, I would like an explanation, some closure, come back, do business.” I did that and really felt good that I reached out because when the fans say, “What’s going on?” I can honestly say, “He’s not interested.” You were with TNA for a brief time earlier this year.

Chyna: Yes, and I want to honestly tell you – it’s not hard to find my phone number. Nobody ever called me in 11 years. I get the phone call from Vince Russo. He was like, “Hey, what’s up? Would you be interested in coming back?” I was like, “Sure, let’s talk.” The next day I was on a plane. I was looking good, feeling good and I think everybody was just like blank stares and it was very bizarre. I don’t know if they were expecting desperation. I didn’t know what was going on. It was great to see the boys, I was happy and then I never heard from them again. Now that your movie career is going and everything – is that something that you don’t really see a return to or is it a possibility?

Chyna: Of course I believe it’s a possibility. That’s why I wrote the letter. I don’t personally think it’s going to happen. [Regarding returning to TNA earlier this year] Eric Bischoff made executive comments about me; it did hurt my feelings because I love Dixie Carter. She’s an amazing, really strong woman. It was so cool to see the boys and even the ones I didn’t know? It made me feel incredible because they were like, “Chyna!” I was like, “Wow, this is so awesome.” It was by far not a negative experience. It was great. I hope they’re thinking about bringing me back. Do you think it’s just strictly the porn career that’s gave TNA qualms about signing you to a contract?

Chyna: No, I don’t. The boys, we come from a three ring circus, all over the world doing all kinds of stuff. We’ve all had issues. I feel a porn video is a gold egg, and like I said, it’s not something I’m ashamed of. It has nothing to do with my wrestling career unless they want it. It has nothing to do with my wrestling. I don’t think? nobody knew I was doing porn, anyway, until it got leaked and that was like a month later. Never did Dixie or Vince Russo or anybody say anything. It wasn’t a choice. Nobody came to me and said, “Wow, this porn is coming up. Do you want to do porn or do you want to do wrestling?” It just wasn’t a factor, you know? I liked it there. It was a really good experience and I’d like for them to have me back. Do you still watch wrestling at all?

Chyna: I always say, “I’m not going to.” For the first time in life I can’t support it. I like “Hells’ Kitchen,” “The Bachelorette.” I went to a Vegas party with the Bachelorette girls. I won’t turn on wrestling. Why should I support that? With “Back Door to Chyna” – how do you feel it came out?

Chyna: Wonderful, really good, loved it. I love it. I get to do my movies. I get to do the whole glamour thing, hot, sexy. I fully intend to explore my sexuality and it gives me a platform to do that. It’s honest and open and the only person who can judge you is you and God. I love it. I feel it’s been incredibly liberating and very female empowering, and the guys are smoking hot also. Do you have plans to make more movies?

Chyna: I film in two weeks. Since the letter I said, “Okay. This is officially going to bench me.” So we’re doing a wrestling one, “Ring Queen.” In addition to making movies, what are some other subjects and pastimes that interest you?

Chyna: I love to read. Two weeks ago I moved to Venice Beach. It was always my goal to get to the water. I go out in the morning. I go out in the morning, first thing at 6 AM, and I sit and watch the stars. I go back and then at 6 PM I go back out again. It’s funny because I feel like I’m all alone on the beach. It’s like after everything, I have arrived. So are you single right now?

Chyna: I am single. What qualities do you look for in a guy?

Chyna: I want somebody smart, intelligent. Somebody that’s a success but also fan of mine, like all about me, but realize I’m still a girl, I’m still a person so you develop that personal relationship besides the fame. It’s hard. I find that usually it’s older men or established men that I know that I think that’s what will probably happen. I’m very well surrounded. Great, there are a lot of fans of yours on our site. Do you have any final comments for them?

Chyna: I don’t know what to say. I haven’t done a media tour like this since my wrestling days. I was a bit insecure. I’m still Chyna but since I didn’t have that wrestling vehicle, it was really hard for me to step. And having all the fans support me and love me without having that vehicle. I’m like, “What? It’s not wrestling,” and they’re still there so I’m like, “Wow. They’re still here.”That’s amazing, that’s incredible.

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