Chyna Talks Confronting Stephanie McMahon About HHH Affair, Vince's Reaction & More

Chyna recently spoke with Raj Giri of about her time in WWE, her TNA stint and much more. Here is part one of the interview, we will post the second part tomorrow. You were in wrestling during a very hot peak. It was kind of the modern glory years in a way from 1997- 2001. Can you describe what it was like being a wrestler during that time?

Chyna: Oh yeah, that's a good question. I was, you know, in cafeterias with the people and we fought. Like I remember me and Hunter would go from like 50 folding chairs then it's like 10,000 people then it's like 15,000 people. Then I remember me and all the boys – we'd look out the curtain and say, "Oh my God, there's 20,000 people out there." It was such an exciting experience. It was crazy. I was there when we went public. It was crazy. What an experience. You obviously got a very big push. You were one of the most popular women's wrestlers of all time, winning the Intercontinental Title and everything. Do you think any of that was happening too fast? Were you ready for it when it happened?

Chyna: First of all, I didn't know anything about wrestling. My brother would actually have his buddies over and we had this dog kennel in the backyard. He used to have cage matches with his buddies. I would get tin foil and cover a belt with sparkles and bling-bling, and I made the belt. That was cool stuff. I didn't really think about wrestling. I thought it was just a goal for guys. I just wanted to be on TV like in fitness pageants. I had a love for movies and television. I didn't know anything about wrestling. Shawn Michaels called me and I guess you would say I was discovered, really. You were there until 2001. I think there was that Pay-Per-View where you beat Lita, and then after that, you were gone.

Chyna: Well, that was awkward because that's the time when I knew Hunter was having the affair with Stephanie McMahon and it was so uncomfortable. At that time I was still working so they were like, "Let's give the push to Lita and work with her." I think they just didn't know what to do with me at that point. I worked with Lita. I was going to get the belt to her and everything was? It didn't work; it was awkward. I go home and I get the fax, "We don't need you anymore." The whole belt thing never happened but that's where they were going with that. How did you find out about Triple H and Stephanie McMahon's relationship?

Chyna: Well, I had my doubts. Like people always say, "Is it real? It's television. Is the storyline real?" I was like, "Is there something going on? If there is, I can take it." This was my love, this was my career. I need to know because I didn't want to lose my career. He just kept saying, "It wasn't, wasn't wasn't," but his attitude had changed. I actually did the snoop. I found a love letter from Stephanie McMahon that had been dated from the previous year so I knew that there was a year affair going on. What did you do when you found out?

Chyna: Within five minutes I called Vince McMahon and he was basically like, "Okay, well, the jig is up." So he obviously knew.

Chyna: Oh, of course he knew. It had been going on for a year. But nobody told me. Did you ever approach Stephanie after you found out?

Chyna: I did. After I found the letter I called Vince. He said, "Okay, I'll see you on Monday," and when I walked into the building it was like the parting of the Red Sea. It was like everybody was against Paulie. Bob Holly was standing around me, Billy was standing around me – it was just crazy. Then I actually was going into the bathroom stall of the ladies room because I couldn't stop crying and Vince was going to talk to me. He said, "Are you ready to talk Chyna?"

Then Stephanie stepped up. She took me into the room, we talked, and she goes, "Well, I love him. He's my man. I'm sorry if you feel that way?" and I shut her up. I said, "Shut up. Call your dad in here because I'm going to choke you out." "If you really feel that way, take control of yourself," then Vince came in and said, "Let's do a new contract. I know this is tough for you but it's going to be okay." Then I went home and I got a fax saying they didn't need me anymore.

Make sure to check back tomorrow for part two of the interview, where Chyna discusses more about her upcoming movies, her letter to Vince McMahon, her TNA stint and much more.