Haku Talks Being WWF King, Andre The Giant, Almost Taking Out Jimmy Jack Funk's Eye & More

Arda Ocal and Jimmy Korderas of Aftermath Radio on The Score recently spoke with former WWE Superstar Tonga Fifita, best known as Haku in WWE and Meng in WCW. Here are some highlights:

Being "King" of the WWE in 1988 and beating Harley Race at the 1989 Royal Rumble: "When they gave me the opportunity to take the title as 'King' from Harley Race, wow. I know his work, I know his wrestling, but I know my respect for this man. I sat back and took a few deep breaths. That was something in my heart... it was an honor to be the next 'King.'"

His reputation of being the toughest man in the locker room: "(Wrestlers) just wanna throw my name out for the heck of it. I think we were all tough. You had to make the people believe that in wrestling for us to make some money and have all those angles on TV. Everybody was tough in those days to make money and protect the business."

Thoughts on his tag team match at Wrestlemania VI in Toronto, Ontario where he teamed with Andre The Giant against Demolition, and why he spent most the time in the match: "That's how smart Andre was. All he wanted me to do was to go out there and look strong, because obviously I was still young then and my career was still going... not that he was finishing up, but he was past his prime. He told me 'Boss, go out there, do your thing, and whenever I wanna come in, I'll call you' (laughs)."

An incident with Jimmy Jack Funk in 1987 and allegedly almost taking out his eye: "I didn't take his eyeballs off... I was ready to, my hands were in there, ready to take his eye off, but then I realized how stupid we were. Here we are, brothers on the road together. I told Jim after all these things, he was fired over it... I feel bad for him. It was something that happened at that moment."

To listen to the full podcast interview, click here.

Source: The Score


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