Jim Ross has updated the Q&A section of his official website with numerous answers to fan questions. He gives his take on The Undertaker’s wrestling future, the status of Air Boom following Evan Bourne’s thirty-day suspension, whether Batista will return to WWE, and more.

Q: Hey JR, With Evan Bourne’s current suspension, do you feel that this may affect the Tag titles & Air boom’s status as a tag team, knowing there’s a ppv coming up or do you think they may not even have the titles defended at Survivor Series?

A: Won’t do them any favors. Not good…disappointing.

Q: Is the Undertaker a part time Wrestlemania preformer or is there a chance we will see him on a semi-regular basis?

A: What I love about Taker is his unpredictability. I see Taker back at WM28 w/o question. After that, I don’t know.

Q: To me the big money match WWE has had for the past few years is Undertaker vs John Cena at WrestleMania. Will it ever happen now and why hasn’t it happened yet?

A: Hard to predict. I’d say less than 50/50.

Q: Do you think that Dave Batista will come back?? because he is my favorite WWE superstar 🙂 but please let him to come back if you can thanks you.

A: I’d never say never on Batista but I’d be shocked if he attempted to come back and compete as a full time wrestler.

Q: Do you think the Chris Benoit we enjoyed watching wrestle and who we knew as one of the greatest wrestlers of his generation will ever have any of his matches shown again, for example on the WWE On demand site?

A: I’d be shocked to see Benoit’s career have much exposure on any platform going forward.

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