Matt Hardy In Major Trouble - Court Dates + More

As we have noted here on the website, Matt Hardy was booted from rehab on Friday after failing a breathalyzer test. Hardy had been home for the week on a visitation pass from the rehab facility. When he returned, staff at the center where Hardy was at got suspicious of his behavior and gave him an impromptu breathalyzer test that he failed. In classic Hardy fashion, he claimed he wasn't drinking and that he failed because he'd "just used mouthwash." The staff didn't believe him and kicked him out. He then boarded a flight back home to North Carolina. Hardy was arrested as soon as he got off a plane last night in Moore County, NC. He was booked at 1:30AM ET for violation of a court order. Hardy had a new mugshot photo taken when booked.

On Thursday evening, Hardy wrote the following online: "Every chapter in the book of your life, whether good or bad, must be absorbed and learned from and is an integral part of creating a happy ending." MH"

On Friday after his troubles at the rehab facility, Hardy's real-life girlfriend Reby Sky wrote the following comments on her Twitter as we noted late last night:

"As if today couldn't get any worse. Wow. Just heartbroken."

"I REALLY need to stop asking myself if it can get any worse. Somehow, it always does."

As of this writing, Hardy has not been issued a new court date but the North Carolina courts website lists the following dates upcoming for Matt:

* November 30th Driving While Impaired

* December 1st Felony Possession With Intent to Manufacture, Sell and/or Deliver a Schedule 3 Controlled Substance, Felony Possession of a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance, Felony Maintaining a Vehicle/Dwelling for Controlled Substances, Misdemeanor Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

* December 6th Reckless Driving with Wanton Disregard

* December 21st Driving While Impaired, Exceeding a Safe Speed

It's safe to say he's in some deep you know what.


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