Miz Talks Idolizing Rock, Going To TNA, Helping Ryder, CM Punk & Much More

As noted earlier, The Miz was interviewed on WOIO, the CBS affiliate in Cleveland, OH.

During the interview, Miz said that being in the ring as part of The Rock's return match was a "huge moment," but he also wanted to outshine The Rock, who he called his "idol".

The Miz also took credit for Zack Ryder's "Woo woo woo, you know it" catchphrase, which he called the stupidest catch phrase ever. He then revealed that Ryder did it at a bar for him and John Morrison, and they convinced him to do it on The Dirt Sheet at the time.

He called CM Punk "witty" and "very, very good," but says he is better than him and unlike Punk, Miz says he doesn't need to tell everyone is the best in the world, he shows it every time he steps in the ring.

Miz also said he would not have worked for TNA if things with WWE didn't work out how they did. He also doesn't believe that WWE's PG era has hurt the storylines, and prefers this era as a superstar because he doesn't have to bleed or take chairshots to the head.

You can check out the interview below. Miz also took over "The Buzz" entertainment segment and covered stories on the Dancing With the Stars champion and talked about the release of WWE '12, you can check that out at this link.


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