New WWE Talents On The Way, Booker T/Cody Rhodes Feud. More

Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer

-- WWE '12 has been receiving good ratings from websites like

-- As noted before, WWE gave tryouts to European female wrestlers Rachelle Walker (Rachelle St. Clair) and Jazzy (The Alpha Female) while they were in England earlier this month. WWE also gave a tryout to 24 year old wrestler Erin Angel, who made her debut at age 15. Her trainers have included Jake "The Snake" Roberts and TNA star Douglas Williams.

-- Coming out of SmackDown, WWE has a new backstage interview with Booker T, discussing Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes. Booker insists he does not want to return to the ring to face Cody because his wrestling days are over. Booker says he has put that life behind him and it's about focusing on the new generation of stars. This is all part of the storyline as Booker is scheduled to return to the ring soon

-- In the most recent edition of Z! True Long Island Story, John Morrison took over the show, hopped onto a white limo and exploded, similar to how Vince's limo did. This is likely just another sign that Morrison is leaving the company.


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