Thanks to reader Ross for sending this in:

In the dark match before the show started, Alex Riley defeated Drew McIntyre with a spinning neckbreaker.

After the show ended, CM Punk celebrated in the ring and did the Hulk Hogan routine. The main event was then announced.

World heavyweight champion Mark Henry came out in an ankle boot to face the Big Show with Booker T as the special referee. After several minutes of no action and a bunch of posturing, Henry hit Show with the belt to get disqualified.

The Miz and Del Rio ran to the ring and interfered. Cena and Punk made the save. Booker T then announced a six man tag with Miz, Del Rio and Henry vs. Cena, Punk and Show. During the match, Show chased Henry backstage. The other four continued to go at it until Cena and Punk hit their finishers on Miz and Del Rio to pin both heels at the same time.

Ross contributed to this article.