Source: Pwinsider

Here are some quick ROH Glory by Honor X results:

* Andy Ridge defeated Mike Sydal via pin
* Michel Elgin defeated Mike Bennett, Adam Cole and Grizzly Redwood via pin
* Tomasz Ciampa defeated Harlem bravado via pin
* Eddie Edwards defeated Kyle O'Reilly via submission
* The Briscoe Brothers defeated The Young Bucks via pin
* In a Proving Ground Match, ROH TV champion Jay Lethal defeated Roderick Strong via pin (The match initially went to a draw, but Jim Cornette came out and said that Strong made it the 15 minutes and has his guaranteed title shot but the crowd wants five more minutes. They went into extra time, and Lethal won)
* Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin defeated the All Night Express to retain the tag team titles via pin
* Davey Richards defeated El Generico to retain the ROH Title via pin

* After the match, Kevin Steen hit the ring and attacked Richards. They brawled as the entire locker room and all the officials ran out. Jacobs and Corino hit the scene and attacked Steen. He whipped him into all four sides of the rail and brawled with him. Everyone tried to hold them apart. Generico dove off the apron onto everyone trying to get at Steen. Steen was again dragged out of the building. The show ended with Corino, Generico, Jacobs and Richards in the ring.