SD! And NXT Corrections, Survivor Series/TLC Spoilers, Fund Manager Bullish On WWE

-- In our NXT coverage last night, we incorrectly reported that Justin Gabriel had defeated an "NXT wrestler." As noted earlier, Gabriel actually had defeated fact Ken Doane, a.k.a Kenny Dykstra of the Spirit Squad. As Ryan Clark mentioned in a previous post, Doane wrote the following on Twitter last night after the tryout: "Great feedback from everyone! Except…. the guy that hires people…. lol what ya gonna do? Maybe he plays #hardtoget. is what it is."

-- Also, during our SmackDown coverage last night, we incorrectly reported that Dolph Ziggler would be defending the U.S. title against Zack Ryder this Sunday at Survivor Series. It is actually John Morrison who will be facing Ziggler for the title at the event. We have fixed the spoilers for Friday's show, which are at this link.

-- As noted earlier this week, promos in Baltimore are advertising Triple H vs. Kevin Nash and a WWE championship match between CM Punk and Alberto Del Rio for the TLC PPV on December 18. Stipulations were not announced for either match.

-- has a video of fund manager Mark Travis talking about why he is bullish on WWE stock, you can check it out below:

@MrScales27 and Kevin Jones contributed to this article.


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