Tatanka Talks WWE Undefeated Streak, Wants Ricky Steamboat To Induct Him Into HOF

Arda Ocal of theScore Television Network spoke with former WWE Superstar Tatanka while he was in Toronto to promote his upcoming appearances for CWI Wrestling. Here are some highlights:

Looking back on the two-year undefeated streak and why it didn't lead to something bigger than it did: "It did lead to a big thing, it lead up to Yokozuna, lead up to Ludvig Borga. Ludvig Borga was the one who actually defeated me. But Ludvig Borga, (WWE) had big plans for him, they really wanted to push him to the sky. They really wanted to do some real big things with Ludvig Borga, but it just never caught with him."

On the WWE Hall of Fame, and whom he would like to induct him: "Ricky 'The Dragon' Steamboat would be awesome, and the reason for that is because when I started the business, I was in the North Carolinas and we just hit it off. I'm one of those guys that believe that you never become successful by yourself."

For the full video interview, click here.

Source: The Score


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