The Uso's New Theme, Jillian Hall Shoots, Big SD! Match

-- Jimmy and Jey Uso discuss their new entrance theme, "So Close Now," in an article published on David Dallas, the artist who performs The Usos' new entrance theme, hails from New Zealand but is also of Samoan descent. The Usos say, "It's an honor. The Usos are young and rising WWE Superstars, like David Dallas who is a young rising rap artist. We both represent our heritage in two totally different ways."

-- Former WWE Divas Champion Jillian Hall filmed a "shoot" interview last Saturday for RF Video where she discussed her career and what she witnessed backstage while working for WWE.

-- has announced that Daniel Bryan will face World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry on this week's episode of SmackDown (full spoilers are at this link). The synopsis reads: "After nearly cashing in last week, Daniel Bryan will face Mark Henry this Friday on SmackDown. Can he survive another encounter with the World Heavyweight Champion?"


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