TNA Turning Point: Austin Aries Vs. Jesse Sorensen Vs. Kid Kash (X-Division Title)


JB is backstage with Kid Kash and Austin Aries. Kid Kash says tonight's match is what it is. He doesn't like Jesse Sorensen, and he's sick of seeing him and tonight he and Aries are going to make sure respect is beaten into him, or he's going to beat him out of there. Aries says to channel that aggression. He says tonight's going to be a handicap match. He says tonight isn't a popularity contest, they're two grown men. Kash says Jesse thinks he's the man, well tonight he'll be in the ring with two seasoned veterans. Aries says Kash needs to stick with the plan.

TNA X Division Championship
- Austin Aries (c) vs. Jesse Sorensen vs. Kid Kash

Kash and Aries converse with each other before the bell. The bell rings and Kash and Aries double team Jesse, but he's able to avoid attack from both men. Aries excuses himself to the apron and while Kash and Jesse are jawing he sneaks up behind and hits him with a clubbing blow across the back. Kash punches at Jesse's face but then Sorensen fights back. Aries attacks, but Sorensen comes right back hitting a big back body drop and clotheslining Aries over the top to the outside. Kash attacks but it's short lived as Sorensen hip tosses him over the top rope, then leaps over the top to the floor on top of both men.

Kash stands on Jesse's face for a bit before hitting a wicked backbreaker and he goes for the pin but Aries pulls him off and they argue. Jesse pushes Aries into Kash and sends Kash to the outside. Jesse hits a couple of high knees, then goes to the top and hits a big cross body but when he goes for the pin it's broken up by Kash. Kash locks in an inverted surfboard, and Aries lays in a kick to the chest for good measure. Kash hits a knee drop before picking Jesse up and standing him up in the corner for another chop, and another. Aries lays in one too and Kash stomps away at Jesse.

Jesse is able to back body drop Kash to the outside, and hit Aries with a big boot but Kash is up and he pulls him to the outside, sending him to the barricade hard. Kash holds Jesse on his feet and Aries hits the heat seeking missile through the bottom two ropes, with Kash stepping aside at the last second. Aries goes for a pin but only gets two. Aries goes for another pin and it's broken up by Kash. The two men argue about 'the plan'. Kash hits another knee to the side of Jesse's head. Aries picms him up and Jesse hits a couple of right hands on both men, but Aries comes up with a knee to the gut to stop him. Kash picks him up and slams him to the mat and Aries grinds his boot on Jesse's chest.

Kash and Aries go up to the top in opposite corners. Aries goes for a frog splash and Jesse gets his knees up. Kash goes for a moonsault and Jesse moves. Jesse's up and hits hits a series of kicks on Aries and a big neckbreaker. Jesse goes for the pin, but Kash breaks it up at two. Aries backs Jesse into the corner, but when he goes for the dropkick Jesse gets the boot up. Jesse hits a crazy reverse DDT/neckbreaker on Aries, but the pin is broken up by Kash who goes to work with some nasty chops. Jesse goes up to the middle rope and leaps off with a clothsline and Kash hits one at the same time. Jesse is bleeding from his chest from those nasty chops.

Jesse goes to the top but he's stopped by Kash who hits a giant superplex from the top rope. Kash pulls Jesse to his feet and hits the money maker. Aries runs around the ring. Kash goes for the pin but Aries puts Jesse's foot on the ropes and points it to the ref. While Kash argues with the ref, Aries sneaks up behind Kash and rolls him up for the three count.

Winner and STILL TNA X Division Champion: Austin Aries


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