TNA Turning Point Opener::

We open the show with a weird video package that pairs political footage with highlights of the main feuds heading into tonight’s show.

The pyro hits and Mike Tenay welcomes us to the PPV and immediately begins hyping Styles/Roode for later tonight, as well as all of the other title matches taking place tonight.

TNA TV Championship Match
– Eric Young (c) vs. Robbie E

The bell rings and EY locks up with the ref before bailing to the outside and running into Robbie T., Robbie E. runs up from behind and eats a right hand before being sent into the ring. EY high fives the front row before going to the top and leaping over Robbie. EY is able to connect with a crazy head scissors that sends Robbie to the outside where he consults with Terry. Robbie gets back in the ring and EY bails to lock up with So Cal Val. EY and Robbie chase each other in and out of the ring repeatedly, but it ends up with EY catches a clothesline from Terry. EY is sent back into the ring where he’s pinned, but he kicks out at two.

Robbie mounts EY and punches away at him before getting up and kicking. EY fights back, rolling up Robbie, but he’s kicked off into the turnbuckles. Robbie goes up to the second rope and comes down with a flying forearm that’s good for another two count.

Robbie sends EY into the ropes and hits him with an elbow for another two count before locking in a rear chin lock. EY calls for support from the fans and he fights up and out of the submission, but Robbie slams EY back down to the mat and locks in another rear chin lock.

The crowd gets behind Young once more and he fights up to his feet again. EY hits a stunner to break the hold and both men are down. Robbie is up first and he hits EY with a clubbing blow across the back, then another. EY pulls off his pants and has trunks underneath that say GTW. EY hits a flying forearm, flips out of the corner to the apron, slides back in through Robbie’s legs and hits a big dropkick. EY hits a nice belly to belly suplex and goes up to the top hitting a macho man elbow, but when he goes for the pin, Terry pulls Robbie from the ring.

Young pulls off another pair of trunks to reveal a third outfit and he goes to the top flying off with a cross body block to the outside on both Robbie and Terry. EY sends Robbie into the ring but he’s clipped with a clothesline to the legs by Terry. Terry sends EY back into the ring where he’s pinned for three.

Winner and NEW TNA TV Champion: Robbie E.