- AJ Styles is shown backstage arriving to the arena, followed by Roode showing up.

TNA World Tag Team Championship
- Mexican America (c) vs. Ink Inc.

We get a video package that details the events that have led directly into this match, with the addition of Toxxin and Sarita.

The bell rings and it looks like Anarquia and Moore will start things out for their respective teams. We get a lock up and Anarquia backs Moore into the corner and buries his shoulder in Moore's gut. Moore responds with two arm drags, an inverted atomic drop, and a spin kick. Moore tags in Neal, but Anarquia backs away and tags in Hernandez. We get a lock up and Hernandez shoves Neal away. Neal targets the arm and wrenches it, before hitting a couple of forearms. Neal tries for a hip toss but Hernandez blocks it and knocks Neal to the mat. Neal gets up and gets in Hernandez's face, hitting the ropes and hitting a shoulder block once, then again. Hernandez asks for another, but Neal surprises his with a big boot.

Moore tags in and hits a dropkick on Anarquia but he's attacked from behind by Hernandez. Moore goes to the top and leaps off but he's caught by Super Mex. Moore turns it into a roll up for two. Anarquia tags in and Moore wrenches the arm, climbs the ropes and hits a nice arm drag. Moore hits a beautiful hurricarana and goes for the pin but he only gets two. Neal tags in and we gets a double back elbow before Moore hip tosses Neal on Anarquia for another near fall. Anarquia fights back and tags out to Hernandez who comes in with a shoulderblock over the top rope into Neal. Hernandez chokes Neal on the middle rope, drawing Moore and Toxxin in the ring but it allows Mexican America to attack Neal.

Hernandez and Anarquia hit a pretty awesome assisted low dropkick that sends Neal to the floor. Neal is sent back in and Anarquia goes for the pin but only gets two. Anarquia locks in a rear chin lock and Neal fights to his feet only to be thrown to the mat. Hernandez tags in and Anarquia sends him into the corner, but when Anarquia is launches in, Neal moves. Hernandez sends Moore from the apron but he turns around to eat a spear. Both of the women get the tag and Toxxin comes in hitting a series of kicks. She avoids a dropkick and drops Sarita with a clothesline before hitting a crazy gutwrench suplex. She goes for the pin but she's pulled off by Hernandez. Ink Inc. attack, double teaming Hernandez and sending him over the top with a double clothesline. Moore hits a moonsault out to the floor on Hernandez.

In the ring, Neal slams Anarquia to the mat and picks up Toxxin, slamming her down on Anarquia with a leg drop. Toxxine hits a jawbreaker and her and Neal pull down Anarquia's pants to show off his new ink. Rosita tries to get involved and Toxxin catches her. While the ref is distracted Sarita comes out of nowhere with the titles and drills Toxxin in the back. She pins her and scores the three count.

Winners and STILL TNA Tag Team Champions: Mexican America