TNA Turning Point: Rob Van Dam Vs. Christopher Daniels (No DQ Match)


Borash is backstage with AJ Styles. Styles says Roode is a great World Champion. A guy that turns his back on his friends. Styles has been here 9 years and been champ 4 times over and he did it with honor and dignity. He says Roode trashed what Fortune stood for in one night. He says Roode spit in the face of all the fans in TNA. Styles says tonight he plans on doing more than spitting in his face, he's going to knock it off. Styles says Roode's time as World Champion won't last much longer.

No Disqualification Match
- Rob Van Dam vs. Christopher Daniels

Daniels rolls out of the ring and grabs a mic. He tells everyone to wait. He says Bob Van Dam, and asks him to listen. He wants to be the voice of reason. How did they get to the point of No DQ. He's not a savage like the fans, or a hardcore wrestler like RVD, he's a pure wrestler. He says he never runs from a challenge, or quits, but he has a suggestion. Since it's Impact Wrestling, where wrestling matters, they should agree to a straight wrestling match, with no weapons. He asks for a gentleman's agreement.

Van Dam shakes Daniels' hand and ends up in a headlock, leading to the bell being rung. RVD pushes Daniels down and slams his knee into the mat, catches him with a kick in the corner and goes for a quick pin. RVD goes for an arm bar and Daniels tries to counter into a pin. We get a bit more mat wrestling between the two before Daniels bails to the outside.

Daniels makes his way back into the ring. Daniels goes behind Van Dam but he's tossed to the mat. We get a bit more chain wrestling before RVD sends Daniels into the corner and hits a huge monkey flip out of the corner. RVD hits Daniels with a big kick to the mouth and goes for the pin, getting two. Daniels backs RVD into the corner and buries his shoulder in RVD's midsection repeatedly before going to the mat and locking in a chin lock. RVD fights it off and blocks a hip toss, catching Daniels with a kick to the head and following up with rolling thunder. Daniels goes for a kick but RVD catches the leg and hits a spinning heel kick. RVD follows it up with a leg drop over the ropes on the apron on Daniels' head.

RVD tries for a sunset flip but Daniels fights it off, punching and stomping at Van Dam. Daniels backs RVD into the corner and works over his stomach a bit more before choking RVD with his boot. Daniels sends RVD into the ropes and hits a dropkick, goes for a pin and gets a two count. Daniels locks in another rear chin lock. RVD is quick to fight up to his feet, but Daniels slams him back down to the mat while maintaining the hold.

Daniels wrenches away at RVD's neck, wearing him down. RVD fights up and out of this hold too, but Daniels shoulders him and nails him with a Death Valley driver. Daniels goes for another pin but can only get two. Daniels picks RVD up and connects with a big enzugiri. When Van Dam stands up he eats a running forearm. Daniels buries his knee in RVD's chest in the corner, but RVD is able to catch him with boots. RVD and Daniels trade blows in the middle of the ring and RVD gets the upper hand with a couple of clotheslines and a springboard single leg dropkick. Daniels is able to send RVD to the outside, but RVD comes back in and crotches Daniels on the top rope, goes to the top and hits a single leg dropkick to knock Daniels down.

Daniels walks away up the ramp, saying that he's done. Van Dam doesn't want that so he chases him up the ramp and the two fight. RVD back body drops Daniels on the ramp. Daniels tries to go through the crowd. Van Dam beats on Daniels and drapes him over the barricade, hitting a leg drop from the ramp. Daniels crawls back to the ring and RVD follows. Daniels throws the ref into RVD and follows up with an STO. Daniels goes to the outside and grabs a chair which he buries in RVD's gut before hitting a urunage on the chair, but it's still only good for a two count.

Daniels goes back to the outside and grabs a screwdriver. He goes to use it on RVD but RVD gets the chair up, tosses it into Daniels' hand and dropkicks the chair into Daniels' face. RVD goes to the top and hits the five star frog splash, getting the pin and the three count.

Winner: Rob Van Dam


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