Todd Grisham Speaks Out - Time In WWE, & More

Former WWE announcer Todd Grisham recently spoke with Alex Marvez of Scripps News about leaving WWE and his new job with ESPN. Here are a few highlights:

Concerns over being seen as strictly a WWE announcer:
"Some people look down at WWE. I thought there might be one day when I would want to move on to something else. I didn't want to be completely cornered as a wrestling guy who can't do real sports. Even though I had done that before, I hadn't done it in eight years. If you had a coach who hadn't coached in eight years, no one would hire them. WWE was very gracious to let me do that. It was a lot of travel, but it was worth it."

His time with WWE:
"In any one week I could have five or six different jobs depending on what they wanted me to do. One week I was a play-by-play guy, the next week a sideline reporter, the next week a pre- and post-game host. I never knew what I was going to get."

"In a football game when you're doing play-by-play, you can say whatever you want. With wrestling, there are things that you don't say. You can't say this about this guy or that guy. They're not (championship) belts, but titles. You wear a belt; a title is held in esteem. I had to learn all that."


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