'Sunny' Trashes Ashley Massaro, Ashley Responds

Tammy "Sunny" Sytch trashed Ashley Massaro on Facebook after she failed to introduce herself to the WWE Hall of Famer this past weekend at a collectible memorabilia and media star show in Boston, Massachusetts.

"Ashley Massaro can kiss my hof ass...not once did she introduce herself to me," she wrote. "Not once and she dressed like a stripper."

The 2005 Diva Search winner was made aware of her inflammatory remarks and fired back on Twitter. Massaro explained that she did not introduce herself to Sytch due to previous insults.

Massaro writes, "Just a few words I'd like to share. This may be a bit long so bare with me. When I arrived at WWE I ALWAYS greeted every single talent there with the utmost respect and made it a point to shake hands and greet everyone my entire tenure. NOW when some piglet talks smack about myself and half the divas roster, and then gets bothered by the fact that I did not do the same after she bashed myself and my friends, she can go eat another meatball sub and stay the f away from me.

"Do you honestly think I respect you after the things you said? Well I don't and I hope I've made that clear. Mind your own life and I'll do the same. You got a problem HIT ME UP! Don't cowardly talk about me on your Facebook or in interviews.

"Get a life you beached whale and stop with the jealousy because I see right through you. I love my life, my fans, my punx and my family. You're just pissed because the rest of us you tried to throw under the bus haven't gained 70 pounds. So hate on hater, I'll be happy living my life and laughing at your poor attempts to make others feel bad. You make yourself look so foolish talking bad about others. Get some self confidence and maybe a diet. Lol."

Massaro then retweeted twenty anti-Sytch remarks and closed, "Ok I'm done. I have no time for talking about this loser, too much positivity in my life to focus on. But if she wants a war, you know where to find me."


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