Saturday at an event for the Canadian Football League Alumni, former pro wrestler Angelo Mosca got into an altercation with former rival Joe Kapp. You can check out the video of the altercation below.

Mosca was invited on stage, and when he arrived, Kapp attempted to literally, offer an olive branch to him. Mosca said to "stick it up you're ass," and then Kapp tried to force the branch on him. It was at that time that Mosca hit Kapp with his cane a few times. They briefly fought, which ended with Mosca being knocked to the ground. Kapp yelled, "Sportsmanship! That's what it's all about" while showing off his peace offering to Mosca.

The issues between the two go back to the 1960s where Mosca, playing for the Hamilton Tiger Cats, took out a British Columbia Lions player in what was considered a cheap shot.

Yahoo had coverage of the event with this video...

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