Wade Barrett Talks Survivor Series, Not Being A Headliner, Mixing RAW & SD! Talent & More

SLAM! Sports has an interview with Wade Barrett where the former Nexus leader talks about this Sunday's Survivor Series PPV, teaming with Cody Rhodes, not currently being a headliner and more. Here are some highlights:

This Sunday's Survivor Series PPV: "I was kind of done with teams for the time being, but Survivor Series is really a special occasion. One of my career goals was to be a part of one of the traditional Survivor Series teams, so when this opportunity came up, I certainly wanted to take them up on it.

"When I was a kid, I was always a big fan of the five-on-five matches, or four-on-four, as they were for a while. It's a big deal for me to be a part of it, and obviously to be the captain, with my experience and talents, I was the natural choice for the position."

Not currently being a headliner: "I think WWE in general is very cyclical in its nature. Guys go from the top spots and then they have to sink a little bit low, to put other people up there so they have an opportunity too. I think the fans like to keep it fresh like that. The people like the Cenas, the Undertakers, the Randy Ortons are always in those top-level positions. It's constantly cycling around. I had my time at the top last year. This year, I've been a little bit lower down the card."

Teaming with Cody Rhodes: "It's certainly something we can go back to. I think myself and Cody gelled pretty well as a team... Certainly in the future, if we get an opportunity to tag together and it could be for those titles against Air Boom, we'll certainly take it. Cody, I think, has been a two-time tag team champion and is decently experienced in that area. I do want to be a tag team champion at some point in my career, whether it's sooner or later, but primarily my focus at the moment is working towards a world heavyweight championship."

RAW talent appearing on SmackDown and vice-versa: "It's getting mixed up a lot more. We're not so segregated in terms of Raw and a Smackdown team. I think it's good. It allows us a lot more options as a company, your creative team has a lot more options. As performers, we get to mix with a lot of different characters. I think it's probably quite refreshing for the fans to see that."

His favorite match: "Probably my favorite match of all-time was actually watching Davey Boy Smith [whom Barrett calls his favorite wrestler] win that match in Wembley Stadium against Bret 'The Hitman' Hart in the Intercontinental title match in SummerSlam '92. It really felt good for me to have followed in his footsteps and captured that title too. It was a big deal."

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Source: SLAM! Sports


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