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Alex Riley defeated Drew McIntyre with a spinning neckbreaker in the dark match (Thanks to Ross).

Yes sir, we promised you a great main event...

"Rowdy" Roddy Piper is introduced. Loud "Roddy" chants as "Hot Rod" enters the ring. He asks how someone who was never WWE Champion, or was never the biggest or strongest guy, became one of the biggest icons in the WWE Universe. Piper credited the crowd and their energy for his success. Piper then introduces John Cena, who heads to the ring.

Cena says he doesn't know what Piper is talking about in regards to crowd energy. Piper does some word association and brings up names like Steve Austin, Bret Hart and The Rock before mentioning John Cena, who is roundly booed. Some "Cena" chants break out at the end. Piper says he's trying to help Cena out. Piper brings up how the crowd cheered when Rock gave Cena the rock bottomed. "Boots To Asses" chants. Cena says that he's been dealing with this type of crowd reaction since he started. Cena said he's extremely loyal to his fan base, but he knows that there is a group of people that don't like him and that's what makes the WWE energy.

Piper says that Cena is the face of WWE and the booing is getting louder and louder, and that Cena's losing it. Piper says that if Cena doesn't start telling the people what he thinks about them, then he will lose against the Rock at WrestleMania. Cena starts growing visibly frustrated, bringing up times that he was booed out of the building. Cena brings up two kids in the front row, and mentions how they are having the times of their lives. He brings up the Armed Forces at ringside and two Make a Wish kids he met earlier in the day, and how they are having the times of their lives. He shows his shirt, and says that is why the fans won't get to him and he will beat Rock at 'Mania.

Piper says that he's proud of Cena, and his generation passed the torch to Cena's, and they ran with it and raised the bar. Piper takes off his HOF ring and puts it in Cena's hand, and says that if Cena doesn't get it off his chest, it will destroy him. Cena says he's in a good place, and Piper slaps him and asks him to "feel the energy." Cena takes his hat off and gives Piper back his ring, and then walks off to the back as the crowd boos.

A recap of the Awesome Truth break-up from last week is shown.

John Morrison is shown talking to Alex Riley backstage.

A plug for tomorrow's live SmackDown is shown.

Falls Count Anywhere: The Miz vs. John Morrison

John Morrison comes out for a falls count anywhere match against the Miz. Miz attacks Morrison as he's heading to the ring and beats the holy hell out of Morrison's leg with a pipe. Miz then headed to the ring as officials checked on Morrison. Miz enters the ring. Morrison eventually gets to his feet and enters the ring.

Morrison got the early advantage and teed away on Miz before Miz attacked Jo-Mo's knee. Miz continued to attack the knee, and then introduced a kendo stick from under the ring and nailed Morrison on the leg with it. Morrison was able to get the stick and nailed Miz with several shots and took the match outside the ring and got a two-count. Morrison used the kendo stick as a cane and chased Miz to the top of the stage, where he was thrown head first into the WWE logo by Miz. Miz then planted Morrison with the SCF on the stage. Morrison is out and the referee calls off the match and awards it to the Miz, who stood over a fallen Morrison as the ref checked on him.

Morrison was then placed on a stretcher and Miz took a mic and heads back in the ring as Morrison is stretchered to the back. He said that last week it was R-Truth, this week it was John Morrison. Next week... we'll see. He then says that he's the only one that can make this kind of impact and he can do it because he's "awesome."

Kelly Kelly and Alicia Fox vs. The Bella Twins

Beth and Phoenix jogged to ringside early in the match, ran around the ring and then ran to the back. Fox pinned one of the Bellas to pick up the win for their team.

A link for the second "itbegins" cryptic promo appeared during the divas match, you can check it out below (thanks to Mike):

A video package for Sheamus aired.

John Laurinaitis is backstage on the phone telling Brodus Clay that he'll debut next week. David Otunga comes in and asks why he keeps putting Clay off. Laurinaitis said he's trying to get him riled him up for when he does debut. Alberto Del Rio comes in and tells Laurinaitis that he will walk out tonight with the WWE title CM Punk comes in and talks about how many Google hits come up if you type in "Laurinaitis" and "boring," Or "Del Rio" and "boring." He then says he tried to Google Otunga, but Jennifer Hudson keeps popping up. He says he'll hold on to the title after tonight and leaves. Otunga thinks Punk will try to get intentionally disqualified. Laurinaitis says that gives him an idea, and if Punk gets intentionally disqualified, he'll lose the title.

Wade Barrett heads to the announce booth and joins Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole on commentary.

Randy Orton vs. Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler defeated Orton after an assist from Barrett in a great match. After the match, Ziggler did a head stand as Vickie Guerrero announced him the victor.

Punk vs. Del Rio is hyped again for later tonight.

Michael Cole is in the ring and introduces "the biggest hypocrite in WWE," Daniel Bryan. As Cole talks, Bryan takes the mic and noted that he earned a shot at the World title tomorrow night. He goes on to call Cole the worst announcer in WWE history, and was hoping to have earned some of Cole's respect. Cole asked how he can respect Bryan after he lied about not cashing MITB until WrestleMania, and called him a hypocrite. Cole recaps Bryan's title win from SmackDown. Cole laughs about Bryan being stripped of the title, and said that he hopes that Mark Henry decimates him tomorrow night on SmackDown.

Bryan said that he is a hypocrite, and he planned to wait until 'Mania, but plans change and it changed when Henry tried to take him out. He said that he saw an opportunity and took it. He then hyped his match with Henry tomorrow night, and said that the most important thing to him is becoming World heavyweight champion. Mark Henry's music hits and Henry comes out on the stage.

Henry scoffs at Bryan saying that he'll be champ, and says that he should be ashamed for attacking a defenseless man. Henry said Teddy Long should be ashamed for booking him for tomorrow's match when he's partially injured. He said that he will defend his title tomorrow in a steel cage, and no matter what, Bryan can't beat him. Bryan ran up the stage and kicked Henry in the leg before heading to the back.

Zack Ryder vs. Jack Swagger

Ryder pinned Swagger with the Rough Ryder after Ryder hot his knees up for a Swagger bomb.

Another Kane promo aired, again ending with the mask in flames. The text "Kane resurrected" displayed at the end.

A recap of Piper's segment with John Cena from earlier in the night aired.

Mick Foley is introduced, who comes out dressed like Santa Claus. Foley recited a SmackDown poem, hyping tomorrow's show and finishing with a cheap pop.

Josh Matthews asks CM Punk backstage what he thinks about Laurinaitis stating that Punk would lose the title if he gets intentionally disqualified. Punk emphatically tells Laurinaitis to kiss his ass.

A promo for tomorrow's live SmackDown aired.

Ricardo Rodriguez introduces Alberto Del Rio to the ring.

WWE Championship
CM Punk (c) vs. Alberto Del Rio

Cool spot late in the match where the ref had his back turned and Del Rio threw a steel chair at Punk. Punk threw it back at Del Rio and then laid in the ring, acting like he was hit by it, ala Eddie Guerrero. The referee was going to DQ Del Rio, but Punk rolled Del Rio up and got two.

Moments later, Del Rio exposed the top turnbuckle. Del Rio went to throw Punk into the exposed turnbuckle, but Punk reversed and got Del Rio up for the GTS, only to throw him head first into the exposed turnbuckle. Punk then covered Del Rio to get the win.

After the match, Ricardo Rodriguez argued with the referee. Punk grabbed him and gave him a GTS for good measure.

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