WWE Survivor Series: The Big Show Vs. Mark Henry (World Title)

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- Cole says that the ring crew has reinforced the ring, and they're actually checking it again before Henry vs. Big Show to make sure it's sturdy before the next match. This leads us to footage of WWE Vengeance last month when Mark Henry superplexed the Big Show and the ring was destroyed as a result.

World Heavyweight Championship
- Mark Henry (c) vs. Big Show

We get formal ring introductions for both men, and we're ready to kick things off.

We get a lock up and Show pushes Henry down to the mat right off the bat. Another lock up, and this time Henry shoves Show away, though he doesn't fall to the mat. A third lock up and Show shoves Henry down to the mat. Henry bails to the outside.

Henry slowly makes his way back into the ring. Henry ducks the lock up and goes behind Show this time, but Show reverses and takes Henry down with a waist lock takedown. Show hits Henry with an arm drag (!), and this sends Henry bailing to the outside again.

Again, Henry slowly makes his way back into the ring, and Show attacks him immediately. Show hits Henry with kicks and punches and Henry is upset, arguing with the ref that he shouldn't be attacked while he's in the ropes. Back in the middle of the ring Show hits Henry with a couple of right hands, but Henry sends Show into the ropes and hits him with a huge chop block to the knee. Henry picks Show up by his leg and slams his knee down to the canvas.

Henry hits Show with an elbow drop to the knee and wrenches away at it, trying to wear Show down and force him to submit. Henry hits Show with another big elbow drop to the knee and continues to wrench away.

Show is able to break the hold, and when he gets up to his feet he's put right back down with a big clothesline from Henry. The crowd is chanting boring. Show is able to surprise Henry with a right hand and a DDT. Show goes for the pin, but he's only able to get a two count. Show hits Henry with a head butt. The crowd is now chanting for Daniel Bryan. Show hits Henry with a couple of big clotheslines, a back splash in the corner, and a shoulder block to put him to the mat.

Show calls for the chokeslam, but he can't get Henry up. Henry picks up Show and connects with the World's strongest slam, but when Henry goes for the pin, Show kicks out. Henry hits a big splash, and goes for the pin, but again Show kicks out at two.

Henry hits Show with a big elbow drop to the heart, but Show still will not go down for a three count. Now we're getting an 'Undertaker' chant from the crowd who only seem to want to amuse themselves. Henry sends Show to the outside and follows, ramming him hard into the ring post.

Henry psychs himself up, then charges Big Show, should tackling him through the barricade, and now the crowd is actually reacting to something happening in the match. Henry rolls back into the ring and tries to wait out Show while he's counted out. Show is able to struggle back into the ring at 8. Henry sends Show right back out to the apron, stands him up, and hits him with a couple of big head butts. Henry starts going up to the top, but Show fights him off and pushes Henry away. Show hits Henry with a (sort of) superkick, and now the crowd's chanting for 'HBK'.

Big Show goes all the way to the top, looking really apprehensive. Show steadiest himself on the top rope. Show goes all the way to the top and launches himself off with a HUGE elbow drop. Show drapes his arm over Henry, but Henry kicks out at two!

Now we're getting a 'Randy Savage' chant, awesome. Show goes for the WMD, but Henry ducks it and hits Show with a blatant low blow right in front of the referee. Henry is DQ'd, and this one is over.

Winner: Big Show via disqualification
STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Mark Henry

After the match, Henry goes to the outside and grabs a chair. Henry scares away the ref, and wraps the chair around Big Show's ankle. Show is able to move before Henry comes crashing down on top, and Henry falls to the mat. Show is up, and when Henry gets up, Show meets him with the WMD to put down the Champion. The crowd, of course, chants for Daniel Bryan following the WMD. Show pauses, then looks over at the chair. Show takes the chair and wraps it around Henry's ankle. Show drops a leg on the chair, crunching down on Henry's ankle. The Champ grabs his ankle and screams in pain.


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