WWE Survivor Series: The Rock & John Cena Vs. The Miz & R-Truth

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- FINALLY, the Rock returns to in ring action in the WWE! Right after this video package highlighting not only Rocky's career, but also how he came to be in this match tonight with Cena.

The Rock & John Cena vs. The Miz & R-Truth

Miz and Truth are, obviously, the first men to make their way out to the ring. Miz is nice enough to dedicate their entrance song to the NYC crowd, letting them know that the suck.

Cena is out next and he gets a hostile welcome to MSG. Cena stops to talk to the camera, saying the fans love him here in New York City.

And last, but most certainly not least, the man a lot of people bought this PPV just to see, The Rock! Rocky makes his way out to the ring looking absolutely JACKED, and he gets the pop of the night by far.

It looks like Rock and Miz are going to start things out for their respective teams. We get a long stare down before the Rock looks out to the crowd. Both men begin circling each other before locking up. The Rock locks in a side head lock, but Miz pushes him off, only to eat a big shoulder block. Rock hits Miz with an arm drag, then one for Truth, another for Miz. Rock tosses Truth from the ring and ties up Miz with a magistral cradle. It only gets two, but Miz bails to the outside and Awesome Truth look angry.

The fans are kind enough to let the Rock know he's still got it. Truth says he wants in, Rock says if he wants some, to come get some. Truth and Rock circle each other before lock up. Rock locks in another side head lock. Rock turns around into a hammerlock, but Truth reverses. Rock fights off the hold. Truth ducks a clothesline, Rock ducks a kick. Rock hits Truth with a right hand to the mouth. Rock connects with a fisherman's suplex on Truth, but Cena is arguing with Miz and the ref, and the pin isn't counted. Rock doesn't look too happy when he gets up, jawing with Cena (who still have that stupid smile on his face since Monday) for a bit.

Miz wants back into the ring, so he gets the tag. Miz says he doesn't want any more of Rock, he wants Cena. The fans don't sound too happy about that. Rock slaps Cena's hand, tagging out. Cena makes his way slowly into the ring, playing up the dissension between the two.

Cena and Miz lock up and Cena takes Miz down with a couple of snap mares before taking him into the corner, and hitting a big monkey flip. Cena follows up with a dropkick and Miz scurries to the corner to make the tag to Truth. The fans still are not impressed with Cena, and are letting him know that he still sucks. Truth shoves Cena and dances… at him? Cena responds with a couple of big shoulder blocks and a belly to back suplex. Cena calls for the five knuckle shuffle, walking over to the Rock and doing the 'you can't see me' motion. Rock doesn't look too happy and he actually gets into the ring to confront Cena. When Cena turns around Truth blasts him with a clothesline. Truth makes the tag to Miz who comes in kicking away at Cena.

Miz hits Cena with a big kick to the face before tagging back out to Truth and they hit a double shoulder block. Truth locks in a rear chin lock, but it's not long before Cena fights out of the hold. Truth sends Cena crashing shoulder first into the ring post, and Cena falls to the outside.

Truth goes to the outside where he slams Cena head first into the apron before sending him back into the ring. Truth tries for the cover but Cena kicks out at two. Truth locks in a head scissors to try and wear down Cena. The crowd is chanting that they want Rocky. Cena is able to work his way out of the hold, but he's kicked away to the outside by Truth. Truth follows, sending Cena right back into the ring and trying for another cover for two. Truth tags out to the Miz who Cena shoulders right away, but Miz fights out of it and hits a low DDT for another near fall.

Miz hits Cena with his running clothesline in the corner. Truth hits Cena with a cheap shot while the ref's back is turned and Miz goes for the pin but still only gets a two count. Truth tags back in and they hit a double suplex, but it's still not enough to keep Cena down for three. Rock is pacing back and forth on the ring apron. Truth locks in a front face lock and Cena struggles to inch toward his corner.

Cena's fingertips are close, but Truth drags Cena back to his own corner where he beats down on Cena, and allows Miz to get in a couple of cheap shots. Miz tags back in and he hits Cena with a big right hand. Miz taunts Cena, but when he goes for another punch, Cena blocks it. Cena attacks Truth, but when he turns around Miz catches him off guard with a big clothesline for another two count. Miz tags out to Truth who comes in and goes for a pin of his own, but he can't get three either.

Truth hits Cena with a big legdrop and gets another near fall out of it. Truth goes to the apron and climbs up to the top rope, jawing with the crowd the whole time. Truth tries for a cross body, but Cena rolls through, and stands up with Truth. Cena tries to shoulder Truth, but Truth avoids it and plants Cena with a front suplex for another two count. Truth mounts Cena with a couple of punches before tagging back out to Miz.

Miz kicks at Cena while taunting the Rock the whole time. Cena is able to avoid a kick and he locks Miz into the STF, but Truth is in to break it up. Cena shoulders Truth and plants him with the AA, but Cena can't take advantage.

Miz tags back in and takes out Rock to avoid Cena making the tag. Truth attacks Rock on the outside of the ring, body slamming him chest first into the barricade. Back in the ring, Miz makes the tag to Truth, and Rock comes in to try and get some revenge. It doesn't work as the ref is distracted and it allows Miz and Truth to double team Cena for another near fall. Truth locks in a front face lock.

Truth puts Cena down to the mat, and tries for some kind of weird fancy leg drop, making fun of the People's elbow I'm sure, but Truth misses it. Both men are able to make the tag and the Garden explodes. Rock comes in beating on both men. Rock plants Miz with the DDT before hitting Truth with the Rock Bottom. Rock takes Miz over with an arm drag and locks in the sharpshooter. Miz screams and tries to reach for the ropes, but Rock pulls him to the middle of the ring. Truth breaks up the hold, but he's speared by Cena and he and Truth fight to the outside.

Miz tries to take advantage, punching and kicking at Rock, but Rock connects with a spinebuster out of nowhere. Rock walks around Miz's body toward his head. He reaches up and pulls off his elbow pad before delivering the People's elbow. Rock goes for the pin, and this one is over.

Winner: John Cena and The Rock

After the match, Rock celebrates in the ring, posing in the corners. Cena applauds Rock as he makes his way toward the back. Rock calls for the crowd to quiet down, and his music to stop. He doesn't look too happy with Cena clapping for him. Cena makes his way back into the ring. Cena poses on the turnbuckle, but gets nothing but heat for it. Cena comes back into the ring, and he and Rock have a few words.

Rock goes up to the corner to pose again, getting a ton of love from the crowd, but when Cena goes up he gets a ton of heat yet again. Rock shakes his head at Cena. Rock says he wants to do this one more time, so he tells Cena to watch him. Rock goes up to another corner to pose again, and the crowd loves him.

The Rock and John Cena go face-to-face again. Rock hits a Rock Bottom on Cena to end the show.


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