WWE Survivor Series: The Rock Returns To NYC + CM Punk

The following is from our live coverage of WWE Survivor Series. To access our full coverage, click here.


CM Punk is shown warming up backstage. David Otunga comes in with a message from John Laurinaitis. Otunga says at Harvard, where he's from, he would call what happened to Cole last week an assault. Punk doesn't seem to care. Otunga says Johnny Ace would like Punk to apologize to Cole. Punk says he'll think about it, after he beats Alberto Del Rio for the WWE Championship tonight.


The Rock is shown backstage with a mic in his hand. He says Madison Square Garden, he wants to tell a story. He talks about watching his grandfather take on Superstar Billy Graham for the WWE Title. He talks about being a kid in the dressing room hanging out with Andre the Giant, watching his dad defend his tag team title. He talks about 1996 when he made his debut in this arena at Survivor Series. He says despite having a hideous outfit and the worst haircut known to man, this was the first arena to chant his name. The fans oblige by chanting his name now. Rock says that night started an Odyssey that would go down in WWE history. Rock runs down some of his most famous catchphrases in front of the crowd. Rock runs down some of the titles he's won, but he says on that night he became the People's Champion. He says after 7 long years he's finally come back because finally, FINALLY, the Rock has come back to New York City!

Rock says it's as simple as this boots to asses. He then turns his attention to Cena, who catches a ton of heat from the crowd just by being mentioned. Rock says Cena got his wish, but what he never counted on was that the Rock never comes alone. As he can clearly hear, Rock brings 17,000 strong, and they're going to take a lightning bolt and shoot it up Cena's ovulating lady parts. This gets a 'lady parts' chant going. Rock says everyone knows how special Madison Square Garden is. Frank Sinatra performed out there. Ali/Frazier was the fight of the century in this arena. Rock says tonight he wakes up in a city that never sleeps. Rock asks the crowd for help, and begins singing 'New York, New York'.

Rock says boots to asses, it's on, if you smell what the Rock is cooking!


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