Alicia Fox Photos, Last Pro Wrestling Events At ECW Arena

Partial Source: Pwinsider

–- has posted new photos of Alicia Fox.

-- The Asylum Arena (the old ECW Arena) will host its last pro wrestling events in January on January 14th. The venue will host a CZW-EVOLVE double header that day.

Representatives for numerous promotions that run the venue met with the new leaseholder, Joanna Pang, over the last several days. While Pang is not opposed to wrestling at the venue, the arena will be shutdown on February 1st for extensive renovations. They include…

* The section of the venue that holds the stage and bathrooms will be ripped out for a new permanent stage and backstage dressing rooms area

* The side of the venue that holds the Eagle's Nest (where the hard camera is currently set up) will be knocked down and the size of the venue expanded as far as they can go

There is still a chance that pro wrestling could make a return to the arena, but the arena as fans knew it will be gone. The Arena was a favorite of several promotions to runs, due to the reasonable renting fee ($2,500) and also due to the fact that the old management allowed pretty much an "anything goes" environment.


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