Partial Source: Pwinsider

Here is the latest on the WWE Network:

* WWE’s long-term plans are for the Network to be much more than just professional wrestling themed programming. The company is working on several different concepts for programming, and used some developmental talent to shoot some pilot material last week. Some programming will include behind the scenes discussion shows similar to what VH-1 presents for music.

* WWE plans to use the WWE fan base to create a push to request the Network on their providers and plans to bring some of the existing WWE wrestling programming (PPV events, NXT, Superstars, new live events) to the Network. They are trying to force the Network into being carried, and internally, the hope is that it will become their most important intellectual property, as they’ll have a continuous base to promote and market the company and their products.

* WWE hopes to find outside of the box original programming that won’t be wrestling related to help brand and build the Network once they get established. Sources say this is similar to the History Channel, as Pawn Stars isn’t exactly in the mold of that network. WWE hopes to reach out to producers and find original content that they can use in that kind of way.

* The plan for the network is to eventually brand WWE as more of a lifestyle brand instead of just a “sports-entertainment/pro wrestling” company. Vince McMahon has been pushing the company to cultivate this idea for years.