Brutus Beefcake's Ex-Wife Makes Odd 'Gay' Claims

Brutus Beefcake's estranged wife Barbara Leslie was recently interviewed by The National Enquirer, here are some highlights:

On Brutus' Relationship With Hulk Hogan: "I've watched my husband and Hulk interact for the past 20 years, and there have been many times when I felt they were much too close for comfort."

On Linda Claiming Brutus and Hulk Were Lovers: "I have absolutely no knowledge of a homosexual relationship going on between my husband and Hulk, nor has Linda ever shared anything with me that would indicate she has knowledge of that. But I've been acquainted with her for a long time and have never known her to say anything that serious unless she could back it up. She must know something."

On Beefcake Rushing to Help Hogan With the Toilet Seat Following His Back Surgery: "I thought how odd that was for one man to do that for another. The boundaries of the intimate bromance they share are definitely blurred, and I just find it all extraordinarily suspicious."


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