BWO Benefit, Mick Foley / Wife Swap, Sadermania / Hogan

-- The new season of 'Celebrity Wife Swap' premieres on Tuesday, Jan. 3 at 9 p.m. on ABC. Mick Foley and his wife will be one of the celebrity couples, as they will trade partners with actor-model Antonio Sabato Jr. and his better half this season.

-- All proceeds from BWO's January show Showdown will benefit "Let Them Be Little X2." Let Them Be Little X2 is a special trust set up for the Leider family and their two boys Jason, 4, and Justin, 2. Both Jason and Justin suffer from an incredibly rare genetic disease called Hunter's Syndrome, a disease which renders the body's cells unable to dispose of waste products as cells normally do in order to remain productive within the body. A child stricken with Hunter's Syndrome has cells that store an abnormal amount of waste, which causes irreparable damage to the child's brain and every other system in his body. In the United States, only 330 children have this condition. In New Jersey, there are six: two of them are Jason and Justin Leider. You can find out more about The Leider Family, their mission, and how you can help at You can get more details about the Showdown event at this link.

-- You can check out this holiday promo celebrating the season and hyping the upcoming Sadermania Documentary featuring Hulk Hogan below. For more information on the documentary, visit

Tim Derning contributed to this article.


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