Lesnar-Overeem Set, Crossfire News, Albright Talks IZW Match With Johnny Z, CZW

-- Rumors circled last weekend that Alistair Overeem would not be able to face Brock Lesnar at UFC 141 on December 30. The bout now seems set, as FightLine.com reports that Overeem was granted a "conditional license" after being grilled during questioning by the Nevada State Athletic Commission over his steroid test. In receiving clearance to take the fight, Overeem must take a new steroid test at an independent lab this week and take another test once he arrives in the U.S. before the fight, as well as further tests for the next six months to a year at his own expense. You can check out the full article at this link.

-- Crossfire Entertainment presents Wrestling Revival in January. Mick Foley will be the special referee for a match between Arrick "The Dragon" Andrews and Make-A-Wish's own Bubba Perry with "The Boogie Woogie Boy" Gary Valiant. Also, a battle of two former WWE Superstars has been signed when Chris Masters facing Carlito Colon, while "The Franchise" Shane Douglas will be back to rattle the rafters at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds. Tickets are on sale now at crossfirellc.vze.com. VIP seats are $15 and ringside seats are $10 with $2 from every ticket going to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

-- In what could be the last wrestling event at The Asylum (former ECW) Arena on Saturday, Janaury 14, Greg Excellent will be in control after making the first of his three wishes from CZW owner DJ Hyde. Also, Matt Tremont will face Drew Gulak. For more information on the event, click here.

-- IZW closes out the year with a BANG as Chaotic Christmas comes to the Impact Arena and those watching on GFL.tv live on December 17. In the co-main event, Johnny Z fights Brent Albright in a No Holds Barred/No DQ Match. This feud has been built on violence and inflicting serious pain. Both wrestlers seemed to take things up a notch on a weekly basis leading to their final showdown of the year at Chaotic Christmas. But even in the world of professional wrestling, this rivalry has crossed a line that very few feuds have ever treaded on. It's a match that won't be for the faint of heart as this bout is sure to take years off of the careers of both Johnny Z and Albright.

"Everyone knows I took a couple years off and got away from the limelight," said Albright. "When I joined IZW I was still trying to find my place and what I wanted to do. This feud with Johnny Z has gotten my heart pumping again for the business. It's brought out a part of me that I tried to bury a long time ago… 'The Shooter'. I'm not just talking about a nickname on the back of my trunks. I'm talking about what that title implies. I'm one of the most decorated and talented grapplers in the world. With these hands, I can go hold for hold with anybody in this sport. I've been in the ring with all of the greats and tore houses down around the world. But that part of me I voluntarily put on the shelf, because it overwhelmed everything else in my life. Being 'The Shooter' is an all-consuming fire... It's something I don't want my children to ever see, but unfortunately on December 17 at Chaotic Christmas on GFL.tv, because of Johnny Z and his actions, my kids, his kids and the whole world is going to see what can happen when 'The Shooter' is let loose.

"He is going to pay the price for bringing me into IZW," Albright continued. "He is going to pay the price for challenging me to a No Holds Barred/No DQ Match. It's going to be something him and his family will remember forever. Because when they wake up on Christmas Day and get ready to take their family, holiday picture, there is going to be Johnny Z, a broken man, with a broken spirit. He might be in a full body cast by the time I'm done with him on December 17. When the picture is snapped over at the Johnny Z house on Christmas morning it's going to be a life-long reminder for him and his family that he should have never messed with 'The Shooter' Brent Albright. He should have never tried to step up to the big leagues and he should have never brought me into IZW."

For the full card and more information, check out izwrestling.com.


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