WWE TLC: Beth Phoenix Vs. Kelly Kelly (Diva's Title)

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The Bella's are shown backstage sitting on Santa Long's lap, arguing about who deserves what for Christmas, and who is the good twin. Long says both of the Bella's have been bad, but it's the holiday season, and it's the time for giving, and he's got gifts for both of them. Long gives them cards with the number to his direct line in case they want to play any 'Reindeer games'. The Bella's are disgusted and they leave. When Long turns around, Jack Swagger is there. Swagger asks what Long is going to do about Mark Henry hitting him with a chair. Long says nothing, Swagger's the one who ticked off Henry in the first place. Long invites Swagger to sit on his lap to try and work things out. Thankfully they're interrupted by Sheamus before that can happen. Sheamus says Long makes a fine Santa Clause. Long says he wants to talk to Sheamus and this makes Swagger angry. Sheamus tells Swagger some story that probably means something, but it's pretty boring and made me zone out. Long tries to diffuse the situation by giving everyone an early Christmas present, and making Sheamus vs. Jack Swagger for later tonight.

- Back out in the arena, Beth Phoenix makes her way out to the ring, solo, to a bit of heat from the crowd.

WWE Diva's Championship
Beth Phoenix (c) vs. Kelly Kelly

The bell rings and it looks like we're ready to begin this match. Beth asks Kelly to slap her again, calling her out. Beth hits Kelly and Kelly finally does respond with a slap. Beth charges but Kelly pulls down the middle rope and Beth sails to the outside. Kelly goes out to the apron and hits a facebuster to the floor before slamming Beth face first into the ring apron repeatedly. Kelly locks her legs around Beth's neck and chokes her before they come back into the ring and Kelly hits a hurricarana that sends Beth into the corner. Beth is able to slam Kelly face first into the top turnbuckle before she pounds away at Kelly and grinds her elbow into Kelly's back.

Beth ties Kelly up in the ropes, pulling her by her hair before standing on her back and choking her on the middle rope. Beth pulls Kelly away from the ropes hard and slams her down to the canvas hard. Beth locks in a camel clutch and yells at the ref to ask her. Kelly is screaming as Beth is wrenching away at the hold, but eventually, Beth simply stomps down on Kelly's back, breaking the hold. Kelly surprises Beth with a quick roll up for two before she hits Beth with another facebuster and slams her face repeatedly into the canvas. Beth sends Kelly into the corner, but eats both of Kelly's feet. Beth slams Kelly down to the mat and tries for a couple of covers, but Kelly won't stay down for three.

Beth pounds away at Kelly non-stop before heading out to the apron and going up to the top rope. Beth goes for a big leg drop, but Kelly moves out of the way, and Beth crashes down to the mat on her bottom. Kelly goes for the rocker dropper, but she can't hit it as Beth goes for the Glam slam instead. Kelly reverses into a pin for two, but Beth turns it around for a two count of her own. Beth pulls Kelly up into powerbomb position, but simply tosses Kelly over her head and down to the mat. Beth pins Kelly and gets the three count.

Winner and STILL WWE Diva's Champion: Beth Phoenix


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