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– We get that same crazy dubstep promo for the WWE Network, which is coming soon, as we all know.


Cole and Lawler recap what happened earlier tonight with Cody Rhodes attacking Booker T backstage, and then a second time later in the night as he was on the way to the ring for their Intercontinental Championship match. Booker is shown backstage with Josh Matthews, and he’s going to try and compete tonight. Matthews says Booker doesn’t have anything to prove. Booker says it’s not about that, it’s about not going out like a sucker. He’s in a lot of pain, but tonight he’s going to make sure Cody feels the same. He says he didn’t ask for this fight, but he’s got it, before walking off.

– Back out in the arena Cody Rhodes in introduced and the Champion makes his way out to the ring for his match with Booker T. Booker T is out next and he gets another nice pop from the crowd in attendance.

Intercontinental Championship
Booker T vs. Cody Rhodes (c)

Booker makes his way into the ring immediately and wants Cody. As soon as the bell rings Rhodes attacks. Booker comes back with a couple of quick strikes, taking Rhodes into the corner and hitting him with a couple of chops before laying him out with a back elbow. Booker picks Rhodes up and slams him down to the mat, then does it a second time.

Booker goes for a third slam but Rhodes blocks it. Booker puts Rhodes down to the mat again for a near fall. Booker sends Rhodes crashing over the top rope to the outside and he’s quick to follow. Booker and Rhodes trade blows on the outside and Booker gets the upper hand, slamming Rhodes head first into the barricade to the delight of the crowd. Booker sends Cody back into the ring and he’s surprised on the way back in. Rhodes tries to suplex Booker back into the ring, but Booker fights it off. Rhodes responds by hitting Booker with a running forearm that sends Booker crashing down to the arena floor. Rhodes follows out and slams Booker into the barricade.

Rhodes heads back into the ring, but then right back out so he can send Booker in as well. In the ring Rhodes locks in a submission hold working over Booker’s shoulders and back. Booker fights up to his feet and catches Rhodes with a couple of quick strikes, but Rhodes catches him with a kick to the chest and puts Booker down to the mat for another near fall. Rhodes locks in a seated full nelson, but it’s not long before Booker fights back up to his feet. Booker fights out of the hold and hits a chop but Cody tosses him right into the corner. Booker hits Cody with an elbow and coming out of the corner, both men connect with clotheslines, and both go down.

Both men are slow to their feet, but when they get up they trade rights in the middle of the ring. Booker gets the upper hand, putting Cody down with a couple of clotheslines and a big side slam. Booker goes for the pin but he’s only able to get a two count. Booker hits a huge delayed spinebuster, planting Rhodes on the mat. Booker looks out to the fans, and holds up his hand before dropping to his knee. Booker looks ready, and he delivers a classic spinaroonie.

Booker goes for the axe kick, but he misses. Cody is able to connect with the beautiful disaster kick, and he goes for the cover, but Booker is able to kick out at two. Cody is upset and he takes time to talk to the ref. Cody goes for the beautiful disaster kick again, and he connects again. Cody goes for the pin and gets a three count this time.

Winner and STILL WWE Intercontinental Champion: Cody Rhodes