WWE TLC: Wade Barrett Vs. Randy Orton (Tables Match)

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- Cole and Lawler send it backstage to Josh Matthews who says Booker T is now being evaluated by medical staff and Cody Rhodes walked by smirking. He says one could assume their match is cancelled, but nothing is official yet.


Teddy Long, dressed as Santa, is shown decorating a Christmas tree, until he's interrupted by Hornswoggle. Long says Swoggle's been a good boy. Hornswoggle says he's got a beard, full grown testees, and since when is Santa black. He asks why he's in the office. Teddy says he saw Hornswoggle trying to talk jive and it was horrible, so he got him a present. Long gives Hornswoggle Rosetta Stone 'Ebonics' and says Hornswoggle will never embarrass himself again. Swoggle says he likes it, but he ends up kicking Long in the shin before he leaves, leaving Long cursing him.

Tables Match
Wade Barrett vs. Randy Orton

It's worth noting before this one gets started, that there are a ton of tables lining the entrance way up to the ring, and surrounding the ring.

The bell rings, and both men begin circling each other. Orton kicks Barrett in the gut, and both men trade right hands. Orton gets the upper hand, ducking a clothesline, and hitting a backbreaker. Orton stomps on Barrett and goes to the outside to grab a table. Orton goes to put the table in the ring, but Barrett kicks the table straight into Orton's face and goes outside to slam him into the apron before sending him back into the ring. Barrett grabs the table and slides it into the ring, but Orton baseball slides the table into Barrett's gut, and slams the table up into Barrett's face. Orton comes to the outside and slams Barrett face first into the ring steps.

Orton sets up a table on the outside and goes back to Barrett, hitting him with a big European uppercut that sends him stumbling up the entrance way. Barrett responds with a couple of elbows to the back of Orton's head before trying for a pumphandle slam through a table, but Orton gets out of it. Barrett pushes the table over immediately before he's hit with a right from Orton. Barrett makes his way back toward the ring, and Orton follows, slamming him head first into the ring apron before taking him up the ring steps and trying for a suplex to the floor through a table. Barrett fights him off and slams him head first into the ring post before Orton falls and hits the ring steps head first. Barrett hits Orton with a big boot on the outside to lay out Orton.

Barrett slides a table into the ring before setting up a table on the outside next to the apron. When he goes back to Orton he's caught with a right, but he hits Orton with a couple of clubbing blows to the back before slamming Orton head first into the table and laying him out on top of it. Barrett goes up to the middle turnbuckle, but Orton slides off of the table. Barrett goes to the outside and drives Orton back first into the ring apron repeatedly before sliding the Viper back into the ring.

Barrett makes his way back into the ring with a big elbow drop from the middle rope to Orton, before choking Randy against the middle rope with his knee, and then the top rope while Orton sits on the middle rope. Barrett leaves Orton sitting on the middle rope and kicks him hard, sending him crashing into the ring apron, but Orton avoids crashing through a table.

Barrett props up another table in the corner and shoulders Orton, but as he charges the table, Orton slides off of Barrett's shoulders and hits a couple of big clotheslines, and a snap powerslam. Barrett goes to the apron and Orton tries for the suspension DDT but Barrett fights out of it. Barrett tries to kick Orton to the floor through a table but Orton avoids it. Both men fights on the apron and Barrett tries for the wasteland to the floor, but Orton fights out of the hold. Orton is able to connect with the suspension DDT on a second attempt, and Orton psychs himself up. Orton tries for the RKO, but Barrett pushes him off and hits a big sidewalk slam.

Barrett takes the table that's propped up in the corner and slams it down on top of a prone Randy Orton. Barrett sets up the table properly in the middle of the ring before turning back to Orton and stomping away at him. Barrett pulls the table toward the corner, then sets up Orton on top of the table. Barrett heads into the corner and goes up to the middle turnbuckle, but when he leaps off, Orton pops off the table and connects with the RKO, putting Barrett straight through the table.

Winner: Randy Orton

Watching that spot on replay they're really lucky they hit it, because honestly only Barrett's legs went through the table, but it did indeed break. Orton celebrates by posing on the turnbuckles while Barrett is tended to by the referee.


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