WWE TLC: Zack Ryder Vs. Dolph Ziggler (United States Title)

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The show opens with a video package highlighting the main feuds heading into tonight, as well as the tables, ladders, and chairs theme of the show done in the style of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas'.

The pyro hits, and Michael Cole welcomes us to the show. The set looks pretty much exactly like it did last year, but it's still a pretty impressive looking set. Cole and Lawler start hyping the show, but they're interrupted by Vickie Guerrero, who comes out to wish the crowd a Merry Christmas, and introduces her client, the greatest gift anyone could ask for, the US Champion, Dolph Ziggler.

United States Title Match
Zack Ryder vs. Dolph Ziggler

The bell rings and Ziggler takes Ryder off his feet right away. Ziggler gloats for a bit before taking Ryder down to the mat a second time. We get a lock up, and Ryder responds with a couple of arm drags. Ziggler locks in a head lock and hits a shoulder block as soon as he's pushed off by Ryder. Ziggler blocks a hip toss, but Ryder catches Ziggler mid-air and slingshots him into the corner before clotheslining Ziggler over the top, and diving through the ropes to the outside on top of Ziggler.

Ryder takes Ziggler back toward the ring and the two fight on the apron, with Ziggler scoring a DDT on the apron. Ryder is able to make it back into the ring before the 10 count, and Ziggler starts stomping away immediately before hitting a neckbreaker and taking time to gloat a bit more. Ziggler hits eight quick elbow drops in succession. Ziggler jumps up and hits an elbow drop to the back of Ryder's head, getting a two count. When Ryder gets back up to his feet he hits Ziggler with a couple of right hands, but he's put right back down with a back elbow from Ziggler. Ziggler locks in a rear chin lock in an attempt to wear down the Long Island superstar.

Ryder fights up to his feet, but he's put right back down to the mat by Ziggler, who scores another two count before locking in another rear chin lock. Ryder is able to fight up to his feet and buries a couple of rights in Ziggler's gut, but he's caught with another back elbow and an Olympic slam from Ziggler which nets him another near fall.

Ziggler takes Ryder into the corner and seats him on the turnbuckle, but Ryder scores with a right to the jaw, and leaps off the middle turnbuckle with a missile dropkick to Ziggler for a near fall of his own. Ryder surprises Ziggler with a couple of flying forearms before Ryder drives Ziggler's face down into the canvas. Ryder splashes Ziggler in the corner and gets the crowd behind him before hitting the face wash kick. Ryder goes for the pin but Vickie gets Dolph's foot on the ropes to break the count. The referee responds by kicking Vickie out.

Ryder rolls up Ziggler for two but Ziggler reverses the roll up for a two count of his own. Ziggler catches Ryder throat first on the top rope. Ziggler misses the rocker dropped and ends up rolled up for two. Ziggler scores with the rocker dropper on another attempt and he goes for the pin but Ryder is still able to kick out at two. Ziggler goes for the sleeper hold but Ryder shrugs him off, only to walk into a big dropkick that's good for another two count for Ziggler.

Ziggler makes his way up to the top, but he's stopped by Ryder, who nails him hard. Ryder follows Ziggler up in the corner and hits a big hurricarana, but it's still not enough for a three count. Ryder is calling for his finisher, he tries for the rough Ryder, but Ziggler tosses him off into the corner and rolls him up for another near fall. Ziggler charges Ryder in the corner and he's met with the double knees. Ryder hits the rough Ryder, and gets the three count.

Winner and NEW WWE US Champion: Zack Ryder


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