Brutus Beefcake Lashes Out At Linda Hogan, More

Brutus Beefcake had a twenty minute interview with where he talked about Linda Hogan, Hulk's feelings about TNA and whether or not he'll be in the WWE Hall of Fame.

On Hulk Hogan's feelings about TNA: "He was trying to help them. In my opinion, they seemed to want to make a difference at first, but then it seemed like they just didn't want to win. Hulk's a guy who wants to make a difference and wants to win, you know? And once he realized that they didn't want to win, and all they want to do is make an event and have a little piece of the little corner of the market and be satisfied with that, he's just had to say "Okay, if that's what you want then that's what you're gonna get." It doesn't look good, but I wish him the best."

On the difference between his generation and today's wrestlers: "It's more like an assembly line, they're turning out wrestlers like rubber stamps out of a mold, and that's not how we were all made. It just made that difference. People had their own personalities, guys were able to differentiate, and everybody was their own person. Scripts weren't handed out before the shows, people weren't told what to say, told what to do, told how to wrestle, told how to talk, told how to walk, told what they were supposed to look like and how to comb their hair. There was none of that. Everyone was an individual, everyone was drawing on their own personal skills and knowledge, and everything was genuine."

On Linda Hogan's allegations: "It's really sad. I've known Linda a long time and it's really sad. You know, I'm not a hater, Hulk's not a hater, he doesn't hate his ex-wife. He wants to move on with his life, and for her to come forward with these ridiculous allegations that he had beat her up and things like that, you know, after several years of the divorce and all the trials and the transcripts, there's never been a mention of anything. There's never been a phone call to the police, never been a report of a bruise or anything, and for her to come forward now and say that he abused her, and then to come forward and say that he was a homo with his best friend Brutus who he grew up with, is so ridiculous. Anyone who knows us, knows that it's so ridiculous that it's not even remotely believable. It's such a shame that she had to stoop, she got money and she should just go away."

On whether or not he will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year: "I hope so. I'm not really sure why Vince hasn't done it. They've called me for different things beyond the internet, for their Wrestlemania, they've put me in their magazines, so I'm not really sure what problems may be between us. But you know, he's always taken back everybody else whose really done some dastardly things to him, and I can't understand for the life of me why he wouldn't wanna put me in the Hall of Fame."

On working out over the years: "I started working out nearly forty years ago with The Hulkster down in Florida, back when I was a teenager. Hulk and I have been training together throughout all these years... and that discipline of steel, you might call it, meant we always made it to the gym. We put the gym first, before going to the bar, before going out, chasing girls or any of that stuff. We always put that time in the gym first."



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