Chyna Goes Off On Vince McMahon & WWE

Chyna has gone off on Vince McMahon and WWE again on Twitter. She's been posting rambling and incoherent tweets.
"The newest are on the top so you'll want to read up from the bottom of this post: As of now, she's still ranting on ...................


"signing out. Now let's get back to pretty if we can.....

"Goodnight all, positive thoughts. Be strong. Love, trust, loyalty??? Think about it. Stop pushing me. Not funny,

"@junior712 Be worried about the people that do wrong. xx

"@junior712 yeah, me too that's why I'm sayin.. let it go.. I did.... But I'm not livin the rest of my life like this.

"U just try me more and my family who I love. I've already taken bullets, I'll go again!!! You punks! Leave me alone!

"You boys stay at home with your kids and quit worrying about me. Cause i can't wait to open forum....

"@yawsrko please don't tell me what's going on no offense.

"Anybody? Boys? Vince's peeps?? Anything?? yeah, I thought so.... nobody. Then why r xpac hhh still able to get away with their abuse?


"That's what's up HHH and X Pac who have been following and then some. Direct threatening me. ENOUGH.

"@yawsrko Well, we earned and you pay his money, so know what your paying for.Don't worry for me. he's a punk bully..when no one's around?

"Don't start none won't be one..Damn really still...Do I look like a b? What do you boys think???? So then don't treat me like one damnit.

"like they haven't??? That's why I am standing up.. I know babe, but it's not OK and I stand behind that. until he leaves me alone.

"If he can and you can than why can't I tell the truth. They're threatening my life. What's the problem??

"ur protection keeps them alive..with the billions we, meaning me and the fans...and ur talent..ahem I didn't say men.... you wanna fight.??

"Oh and's CHYNA...and for ur death pole between Scott Hall and i..Damn I'm already under cause of u. All the drugs and ur protect

"I have a lot to say that's not so funny, you bring it b-tch! I'll explain and we'll let the judge decide. If I can show up!! you F!!!

"u wanna rape me and lie and video and laugh and threaten?? Why you so worried? u disrespectful ego psychos. I'm not scared..le'ts go.

"I'm coming for you Vince.......You won't leave mw alone, so let's go. ??? Call me?? Coward. ur so lame. a fan? Of you? ur talent? f u


"@howardfinkel on this date pass to Vinny that he is the worst thing that ever happened to the human spirit,

"can I buy and copywright that??? LOl!!! Really guys??? I'm fightin.... Everyone sits back and let's that happen? Really?

"It's CHYNA That's how much jerko?? No names they make money. .......I call you the punk b-tch clique..

"So follow this WWE.......I'm not going anywhere, but I will try to make you feel every bit that u put on me and my loved ones. Alive.

"Say my name a–hole...say it!!! I want @0k for all those that paid it and mine noe too. Shirts doll, freaky chinese sex tapes, Truth baby

"HHH and x pac follow me on Twitter?? yeah so then this is why. Back off. Murderers and bullies. If it came time time to pop on ur own/ Ha

"Your'e a chump Mother playing with kids and superheroes...U make me ur life now me 2 cause i want nothing to do with you. pig!

"thanks 4 following my schedule so u could mess it all up. Why u scared of me Vince. i could talk, really talk, but it's me and u.....

"I won't quit Vince. You won't...and I'm nothing like you. You're a punk. I'm good with me. I'll take whatever punk setup you got. IKEx10

"Taxes? Witnesses? Trauma, hell just respect, sue me Vince so everyone can figure it out please. And quit using my name. Psycho f-ck!


"I need to fila another official restraining order. Death threats affect my reputation... damn Sorry Buffallo.

"@xAdoreNatalya @WWE yeah so they can follow me and ruin any activity . For me..Clubs now suing me. Does anybody know Sean Waltman's address

"And the taxes and the money and the radio. It's 2012 suck d-ck Vince, who cares..but don't abuse. U will be accountable,hhh,xpac watch!

"you can follow my schedule start trouble sue whatev but not pick up the phone?? If u don't have ur x pac punks out the window I'm showin up

"This is me and you. Return my call. Who made ur money u pay people off to? It's on now, Live free or die hard b-tch! I'm a fighter.

"Knock knock who's scared of a great big bully (that I made since no one else will join) Not me!!! Let's go Vince! I am not scared of you!

"Hey My fans! I love you see you at AVN! Hey Vince! For all your abuse!! You are a loser and always will be. let me show you how"