— As noted earlier, The Ultimate Warrior claimed this weekend that he turned down a WWE Hall of Fame invite from Vince McMahon. A fan on Twitter asked WWE Champion CM Punk what he thought the chances were that Warrior would accept a Hall of Fame invite. Punk replied with the following message that was re-tweeted by Warrior:

“Zero. Why would he?”

Warrior later wrote the following regarding the Hall of Fame:

“Achievements worth honoring should not also be s–t upon by the very people who desire bestowing honor. That is s–t this Honoree won’t eat.”

— After campaigning for a World Heavyweight Title shot against Daniel Bryan on Twitter this weekend William Regal responded to fan criticism and says the fans want to see him get a shot:

“And for the divs who feel the need to bring up my past problems,I am what I am and don’t regret anything.It’s what makes me me.”

“I’m over 800 tweets in and the overall verdict(apart from a few faceless keyboard warriors)is that they would like this to [email protected]