Hulk Hogan has decided to interject himself into the Kevin Nash vs. Ultimate Warrior e-feud and adamantly says that he’s on Team Nash. The Hulkster was asked late Monday night to give his thoughts on a proposed mixed martial arts duel between the two wrestling mega-stars and responded with a rambling post trashing the founding father of ring intensity.

“Kevin would destroy him ,the wattiors already got a million excuses, if you touch me or I need to train for a year now u can see tight through the ass clown and most people now get way he was a pain in the ass,couldn’t do business, and he sucked in the ring that about says it all, he’s irrelevant and totally out of gas except for the few remaining warrior twitter marks,” Hogan writes.

“Good luck with ur Great life Jim, I have said my last comment about this looser and his great life he’s living. gag me with a spoon. HH”

Days earlier, Hogan offered lighter comments when asked for his thoughts on the feud. He wrote of Warrior, “he’s so far gone and has wasted his life ,at this point praying for Jim is the best way to help him and his daughter. HH.”