According to several sources, there have been several issues with people that have bought things through Melina’s eBay store. If you go here to her eBay store, it says that she is no longer a registered user. Her feedback page also shows negative feedback, with people claiming to never to get their items.

An anonymous reader sent the following along in regards to this: Hello Mr. Clark, A few months ago, there was a story of former WWE Diva, Melina Perez, selling some items she wore in the WWE as well as autographs. Recently, a friend of mine purchased a MNM shirt from Melina’s Ebay store for $50 dollars. All of the items Melina listed were sold and none of it was ever sent to the buyers (including my friends). When the buyers contacted Melina (ebay, twitter, etc), she blocked them and never offered an explanation to why they never received their items. In case you’re wondering, they never got their money for the purchases back either. A number of buyers left Melina negative feedback on her ebay feedback which can be seen here: I wanted to pass the story along to you guys in case this happens again. I’d like for my identity to remain anonymous sir. Thank you for your time.