More On Injury To Top WWE SmackDown Star

As we reported earlier this week, Mark Henry is believed to have suffered a hyper-extended knee at this past Tuesday's SmackDown taping.

According to PWInsider, the injury looks to have happened when Henry was throwing a punch and his knee moved forward before he had completely planted his foot during a move. The footage will air on Smackdown tonight, but the finish had to be changed due to the injury.

According to reader C-Lo, Henry went to the mat and rolled out of the ring as Show had a serious look of concern. The referee jumped out of the ring and had a conversation with Henry, who was laying on the floor next to the ring. The referee then got back into the ring and counted him out. Henry limped backstage as Show and Bryan continued to fight it out.

PWInsider reports that the original plan was for Daniel Bryan to attack Big Show with a chair after Show had Henry down, with Show making the comeback and chokelsamming Bryan. Following that, Henry would have given Bryan the big splash, leaving Bryan laid out and leaving doubt in the minds of the fans that Bryan might not retain Sunday. Nate Taylor has already watched the Australian version of the show, and had the following to reportů

"They clearly call an audible as Henry collapses like he's been shot in the thigh and rolls outside and they go to commercial, however the finish (count-out) happens off-camera, with Bryan already attacking Show when they resume with Henry presumably already in the back getting treatment."

Henry has been working hurt for sometime, with a groin injury, and is at this time, expected to work the Rumble.

C-Lo contributed to this article.


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