— THQ, who does WWE’s video games and produced WWE ’12 after signing a new seven-year licensing deal with the company, is rumored to be cancelling a ton of projects scheduled for 2012 and may be getting ready for a sale. The company’s stock price is currently $0.66, where is was $6 last year. The company handles the UFC franchise as well.

— As we noted earlier here on the website, Mike Mooneyham of The Post & Courier spoke with original Four Horsemen member Ole Anderson this week about the group being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Here’s some more of what Ole had to say:

“Vince McMahon hates my guts, and I don’t like him. So that’s all there is to it. To be a part of that, anyone with a brain knows who the first Four Horsemen were. It was me and Arn and Ric and Tully Blanchard, and J.J. Dillon was the manager. So if they don’t know that, they don’t know anything about wrestling anyway. So what’s the difference?

“Vince McMahon is never going to call me. I hate his guts just like he hates mine. It’s no big deal.

“I can’t go anywhere anyway. I’m so screwed up from the multiple sclerosis. I’m in a wheelchair right now, and that thing kills me after a little while and then I have to lay down. That’s my routine. How would I get there? By car? I couldn’t do that. By airplane? I just couldn’t get there.

“I told Vince McMahon to go (expletive deleted), and I wouldn’t change my mind now.”

You can check out the full interview by clicking here.