Partial Source: Pwinsider

-- A pre-sale for the ROH/CHIKARA Synergy events has started. ROH tickets are priced at the $20-$60 and CHIKARA will be entirely general admission for $25. The pre-sale is selling tickets for ROH Unity on its own as well as a combo package for both events. A combo ticket will save you $10 overall. The pre-sale is open only to paid members of ROH's "Ringside" membership.

-- Bradley Woodward sent this one in: THQ put out a press release today mentioning that they are in the process of exiting from making Kids licensed games and instead are going to focus on core franchises. No mention of WWE as one of their key franchises but they did mention UFC Undisputed 3.

-- Sabu, Sandman, Justin Credible, Al Snow, Axl Rotten and Rhino have been added to the April 28th Extreme Reunion event.